Weirdie Tornado

2 06 2013

What the He11 is right!




3 responses

2 06 2013

I understand tornado hunters were victims that caused death to them, the world I live in is that you never know if from a day to day existence whether you will get through it without calamity, that is say a heart attack or some one is going to sue you or devise a scheme of harm.
What I find incredible is how the people who are the chasers or mountain climbers or what ever are affluent enough to pursue these luxuries, needless to say the class I come from is lower class, furthermore from what I can tell I would say that in my existence I do not belong to values of working class as a bono fide member, I have no intention of aspiring to the middle class either, I mention class to identify the type of people that pursue this activity as a demystification as who participates in these activities.


2 06 2013

I just call them thrill seekers.


3 06 2013

If they are thrill seekers and subject to adrenaline bursts, have they a choice? other than cold turkey? which as healing addiction goes would not be widely recognized.


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