Help the Oceans! Plastic-Free July Campaign

14 06 2013

This is a good idea!

From Rebecca Prince-Ruiz, Earth Carers Coordinator, Western Metropolitan Regional Council

Across the world there is increasing concern about the effects of plastic bags and other plastic consumer merchandise and its effects on land ecosystems, the marine environment and the human body.

Plastic Free July is a challenge to raise awareness of how much single-use disposable plastic we have in our lives and invite people to say no for a day, a week or a month. It’s grown from a handful of participants in 2011 to over 2,000 people from around the world already participating this year.

The website: contains more information on the challenge, details on how to register (as an individual, business or group), tips and recipes for how to live plastic free and more.


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One response

14 06 2013

Reblogged this on The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle and commented:

Some much of the pollution problems in Louisiana come from oil industry PLASTIC. Reducing use of this will help reduce pollution from making it!


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