More on Bin Laden Kill Story Psy-Op – Files Scrubbed

8 07 2013


FOX News – Report: bin Laden raid files purged from Pentagon computers, sent to CIA
HuffPo – Adm. William McRaven Shields Files About Raid On Osama bin Laden’s Hideout From The Public




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28 10 2019

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Lift the Veil –


More on faked Osama Bin Laden hit –

WikiLeaks has a bunch of files on the Osama Bin Laden Kill Story just up

Cryptome Demonstrates Gaps in Osama Kill Story

The Unsolved Murder of Yale Student Suzanne Jovin‏
Getting Away With Suzanne Jovin’s Murder Was Osama Bin Laden’s Biggest Coup:
Helps Explain His Own Belated Murder And The Disposal Of His Body At Sea
by Trowbridge Ford


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