What is the nuclear “snake pit” at Fort Bliss, Texas??

17 07 2013


RSOE reports “Environment Pollution” at Fort Bliss:

Fort Bliss officials announced radioactive material has been discovered on Biggs Airfield. Workers on Biggs were possibly exposed  to residue remains, mostly Uranium, since the 1950s. An announcement by Fort Bliss officials Tuesday said they were unsure who was at risk since it was too early in the investigation, but tthey did not believe there was any immediate health or safety risk. There was apparently a low level risk found during an initial inspection. The area of concern was referred to the “snake pit,” a building north of the airport, west of 1AD. Congressman Beto O’Rourke reacted to the announcement with the following statement. “I am working with Major General MacFarland and Fort Bliss leadership to ensure that all necessary measures are taken to protect, inform, and help anyone who might have been affected.”

Army fights to contain radiation in Fort Bliss military base



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