Canary Is. Mega-Disaster Looms? Watching El Golfo

8 09 2013

Canary Is. suddenly shaking again …

flying cuttlefish picayune

The volcano in the Canary Is.,  El Golfo , could erupt and make a huge tsunami that would hit North America and parts of the Caribbean.

2011 story explains the trouble – Volcanic tremors cause alarm in Canary Islands – fear of El Hierro tsunami

Map of quake swarm there now.

Picture (current)  found by Tony Gentile –


2011 video –


UPDATE, Mar. 28

The Watchers – Earthquake swarm at El Hierro intensifies with an increase in CO2 emission

“The intensity of ongoing earthquake swarm at El Hierro island increased on March 28, 2013. 119 earthquakes have been recorded so far at depths of 16-18 km.”

UPDATE, Mar. 31

Quake swarm there


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4 responses

9 09 2013

seismic activity in this area this week….


30 12 2020

Review of the Geo-Mechanic history of the Canary Islands


30 12 2020

I had no idea the Watchers have been watching for so long!

I wonder what this chart would look like if updated!

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30 12 2020

we had been keeping track of Canary Is. topic over on Radioactive Chat ….


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