A Tale of 2 Disasters

15 09 2013

Colorado has a giant disaster with flash floods.  The National Guard is helping people stranded by road wash-outs and encroaching water.

We see pictures like this:

from http://edition.cnn.com/2013/09/14/us/flooding-colorado/

Wait a minute! Where are all the gunmen?  They were everywhere in New Orleans during Katrina:

From  http://tellingtheirstories.com/exhibit/the-photos/

The Gretna local police stopped residents of New Orleans escaping over the bridge

The Irish Times - Photograph: Rick Wilking/Reuters


Are Colorado flood victims called “refugees” by the tv news? Are they called “insurgents”?  Were guns put at neighbors who tried to drive over and help? Were they herded onto a highway overpass? And kept there without water?

BBC  http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/this_world/5237540.stm jail inmates held at gunpoint on a bridge

Were they forced into a stadium with no toilets working and kept there at gunpoint?

the Super Dome    Super Dome, inside

Will the suffering be extended by foot-dragging with relief?

Photo Credit: Daniel Terdiman/CNET News.com

Will your dead be left in the open to be eaten by dogs?

http://tellingtheirstories.com/exhibit/the-photos/  Photo by Smiley M. Pool, Dallas Morning News

We don’t think so.

No, we don’t think so.




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17 09 2013

FCF, crying as I looked through this. It’s hard for me to convey to people what I felt as we lived through this nightmare. Thank you for posting. Thank you that someone else sees the horror and how wrong this was. There was so very much wrong!! I will never, ever forget!

17 09 2013

I am changed by that awful treatment of those people. I didn’t have cable tv at the time and used the net to look at news during that time. One day after things had been unfolding a few days I had to run an errand for work and briefly saw tv where they showed the airport carousels with the aged dying dumped there. I cried all the way back to work.
I am still ashamed of this country for that.

23 10 2015
Tina Marie

Hurricanes come with warnings…. many days in advance…. and there were many reports of the levees possibly breaking…

24 10 2015

… one problem (opinion) was with people with no transportation out and/or nowhere to go. City/state officials did not request fed assistance with Amtrak or other fed systems to help. In big emergencies even cruise ships and commercial airlines can be utilized but it has to come from state request. This was the cause of so much fury… no request for help and minimizing risk by N.O. mayor and LA gov.. The tragedy was very preventable. And levees that fail have a history of getting help failing.
Dozens of proven solutions to emergency problems were not utilized after Katrina (the point of the post).
Press coverage in Europe was much more harrowing as US press avoided showing corpses and gruesome images.

7 08 2017

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