What media stories on the Kennedy assassination won’t mention – Our little list

16 11 2013
  • Oswald in Russia
  • Oswald and the U2 program
  • Spooks and the U2 program
  • The US embassy in Mexico doings
  • KBR in the Gulf of Mexico and heroin trafficking there
  • The New Orleans mob
  • Johnson’s personal (Vietnam) war profiteering
  • Texas war profiteering
  • Jack Ruby’s affiliation with the Dallas (bribe taking) police
  • The deaths of the women who worked for Jack Ruby at his club
  • Other deaths of associated people starting that day
  • Where the Secret Service partied the night before their biggest fail (Jack Ruby’s club)
  • The CIAs habit of frequent assassinations
  • The Z-path the Warren Commission says the bullet took
  • The bullet found perfectly clean on a stretcher at Parkland (just like the passport found on top of WTC rubble in perfect condition)
  • The other bullet marks pointed out by witnesses and removed by FBI
  • The rapid rise in career paths of key “reporters” who ignored the  figures on the grassy knoll
  • The famous, clumsily faked photo of Oswald holding the gun
  • The movie theater incident (Oswald arrest)
  • The illegal kidnapping of the president’s body (hijacked to Washington)
  • The harassment of everybody looking into the assassination
  • Jack Ruby’s plea to get away from Texas before he was died in custody there
  • Walter Cronkite getting phoned-in complete profile of Oswald on the air (before Fax machines etc.)
  • The public venue for the assassination mirroring mob style of killing
  • Heroin-Vietnam war connection (mob & CIA merger)
  • The slow speed of the motorcade at the Texas Book Depository
  • The security fails that could only happen with the highest level of cooperation
  • The masses of people skeptical of the official story who were ignored
  • Kaddafi questioning the official story before the UN and then being hunted, tortured, raped and killed
  • J Edgar Hoover denying there was mob activity all through his career
  • The subsequent public assassinations of King and Bobby Kennedy
  • Spooks’ dirty tricks and murders
  • Mobbed up MCA (early Reagan backer) connected to Jack Ruby
  • The murder of John Jr. to keep him from office

Oliver Stone backs us up in USA Today Op-Ed item – Oliver Stone: JFK conspiracy deniers are in denial



2 responses

17 11 2013

When Kennedy was hit with one of the three bullets, why did he real back in to his seating position? if all the shots were from the shooter at the one position ? from the window, he would be wearing the back brace, how would this effect his movements when being shot?


17 11 2013

On tv all week they have only been ‘reporting’ on the official, nonsensical version with no questions about all the files sealed 50 years and counting.
Witnesses saw the men on the knoll etc. etc.
Why didn’t the bullet have blood etc. on it or have any deformity from hitting anything at all when it was supposed to take a zig zag path all through the body?
Why did they steal his body from the lawful jurisdiction and hand it to a military group of conspirators and traitors?


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