BBC Execs Enabled Jimmy Savile Abuse

23 01 2014

The Guardian [UK] – Revealed: how Jimmy Savile abused up to 1,000 victims on BBC premises
Executives turned a blind eye to attacks, according to former judge’s ‘shocking’ finding

The BBC will be plunged into a major crisis with the publication of a damning review, expected next month, that will reveal its staff turned a blind eye to the rape and sexual assault of up to 1,000 girls and boys by Jimmy Savile in the corporation’s changing rooms and studios. . . .

Murder or suicide?

A former aide to U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander was found dead in Maryland, just weeks after the former staffer’s arrest on child pornography charges



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24 01 2014

Taking into consideration Jimmy Savile had been a pupil in Catholic schools and also involved with coal mining, by conscription, both of these institutes having a demoralizing effect upon the individual, schooling in the Catholic sense may have warped his moral judgement and being in the pits you would often be stigmatized, WW2, and the depression of the 1930’s, and coming from working class roots, you would expect a low standard of moral behavior, by certain sectors of this group, as it is more of a culture of conditioning.
In my education, it was not unusual, to receive corporal punishment from the head of the school and from teachers, this also was a infliction of behavior from ones parents, this entailed being beaten with a bamboo cane and also a razor leather strap, for some time on a daily basis, for a few years, in today’s legal climate any one involved with this corporal punishment would be charged with a criminal offence.
My point is that this age in Britain, is fast disappearing from consciousness, as a age of vindictive cruelty, it is not surprising that Jimmy Savile, was a product of a age that was highly toxic and willfully cruel, that those who were victims, desire to forget.


24 01 2014

I think he was a procurer more than an abuser and the investigation won’t go down that road.
Kids everywhere who wind up in custody of the state have no defense against people like Savile. I expect mine labor system was no help.


10 11 2019


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