Canada’s Shame < Updated

21 05 2014

Children missing and victimized on a large scale. << SEE UPDATE BELOW

Canada Lost Over 600 Missing or Murdered Aboriginal Men Story – Haringey council is notorious for its high-profile failures in child protection. Victoria Climbié and Baby P, who were tortured to death after social workers, managers, officials and doctors ignored numerous warning signs, will never be forgotten by the public, nor the council forgiven. In this latest case, which highlights different but equally alarming failings, the Labour authority turned on an innocent couple after receiving a single anonymous letter claiming the mother had “shouted” at and “slapped” her six-year-old.” Many stories are archived at Land of the Free blog  and Hidden No Longer. The International Common Law Court of Justice: Case No. 1 – Genocide in Canada



UPDATE, Aug. 4

Wiki Leaks files from 2008 on it – Canadian Mohawk wiretaps injuncted stories 2008

UPDATE, Dec. 23

2015 –  WikiLeaks: Canadian Mohawk wiretaps injuncted stories 2008

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The work by Kevin Annett alleged to be a fabrication to create confusion… says this person…

ITCCS Juror: There was no ITCCS trial of UK Queen & Pope Ratzinger. Trial a Kevin Annett fabrication – Alfred Lambremont Webre interview. LINK –



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27 08 2020
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