Nuke Shills on Parade

2 06 2014

Brought to You by the Brookings Institution

We were looking up info on this nuke shill, Paul Blustein, who writes clap-trap like this – Craving Spinach After Fukushima Nuclear Scare and  this tripe –
Fukushima’s Worst-Case Scenarios
Much of what you’ve heard about the nuclear accident is wrong .

He’s with the Brookings Institution!

Let’s see what that billionaire boys’ club has to say about nukes . . .
Brookings panel: Nuclear security and Japan’s plutonium path  < 2014!

Brookings boys are shameless nuke fobbers.




One response

2 06 2014

You are so right about this cover up, stage managed bullshit from the Brookings chap.
WE are not brainwashed by his propaganda and soothing words.
Deformed animals and babies are being born on the east coast of the USA and elsewhere through this radiation.
Tokyo should have been evacuated immmediately after and other places in Japan on a mass scale.
The wind carrying the radiation will not be a good boy and never blow towards Tokyo and elsewhere.
It is stupid and deceiving to pretend this radiactive wind will conveneiently always blow away from villages and cities.
Of course there would have been a mass breakdown of capitalist stock markets and of the Yen if an evacuation had taken place, and the effect of abandoning major business centres would have been astronomical and terrible.
The elites could not allow this to happen so they have left the japanese masses and others elsewhere to continue living in these lands, and await their radiation fates from the prying eyes of the world.
They have been deliberately left to die in a slow way until they realise it is too late to seek treatment or prevention.

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