The lies and distortions of James Conca and his Science Media Centre advisors concerning the health of the children of Fukushima

8 07 2014

A super-sized SHILL …


5 July 2014
Author Rights aHEMagain

There is an unacknowledged tragedy occurring for the children in Japan.

It concerns the methodology being used for the tracking and treatment of thyroid problems caused by the Fukushima disaster.
Out of 287,056 children 99.3% of them have received ONE standard ultrasound examination in the three years since the disaster.  136,804 of them are at significant risk of slipping through the cracks and going on to develop thyroid cancer that metastasizes before their next exam in 2015-2016 if a significant change to methodology isn’t implemented immediately.
Yet those trying to inform the public of these facts are being described as criminals by Forbes magazine in an article by James Conca titled “Scaring the Japanese People with Radiation is Criminal“.
Before I get to far into this I have a question for Mr. Conca and anyone else who believes that…

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