WTF at Fukushima! Today! UPDATED

9 07 2014




A better view from the archives –
   GO TO 7:08 and 12:43 and 17:00 for WTF moments –


Bottom left corner at 17:06 shows white-purple flashes.

At 19:13 there is big arcing like in Frankenstein’s lab in the movies:







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9 07 2014

Is there camera pointed at a laptop computer screen!
Is the laptop recording the remote cameras live or are they showing old pre-recordings? Or is it pointed at a CCTV monitor but why the windows bar at the bottom.

9 07 2014

It seems to be today as this person has been posting a lot of live cam vids off her computer.
It is from the TEPCO cam …

We may get a replay of it tomorrow by another live cam watcher … check here for follow up ….as i will post better vid when it shows up.
See also –
ENE discussion about the live cams …

9 07 2014

Also – it could relate to this ion beam thing ….

9 07 2014

Nice try, good joke but you forgot that the magnifier glass shows that this is a splice as the magnified viewer was turning on or sweeping the screen. Ha Ha Ha

9 07 2014

not a joke.
wish it was.
Obviously you are new to watching lave live cams.

9 07 2014

Then why is the magnifying glass and windows bar foggy.
Why is a camera used to take a picture of a computer, when it is easier to do a screen capture and a sequence of film not just a single picture? Sure looks fake, I hope it is.

9 07 2014

checking this channel last week to this week you quickly learn the channel owner is not at all tech savvy. Earlier, to good effect, she held a houshold magnifier up to the screen to show smoke, activity on the roof.
She doesn’t know how to do a screen grab and doesn’t have that copy-vid-software some people use.
I am trying to get her to show the time stamp more.

I think better vid of this will come out through archive live cam vid and when it does I will add it to the post. Usually that shows up the next day or so.

Stay tuned.

9 07 2014

She knows a bit about computers, she is running speech recording, magnifier and Windows media player when she toke the picture of the computer monitor. I would need better evidence then this to believe what is shown.
Why would she take only one photo (it may have been a short burst but I would doubt it) and if she had a magnifying glass I would think the glass would distort the windows bar. She is recording voice so why wouldn’t she be recording video. Surely there must be other videos if this happened. The magnifying glass is showing on the screen, I can not get the magnifying glass to show when viewing a running flick, maybe my settings but you would need good knowledge to make this happen

9 07 2014

sorry not to make it clear … the hand held magnifier was in an earlier video.
I don’t know what that magnifier icon is.
I think she is using a cell phone to do these.

It will be more clear when a live cam recording is available (soon, I hope).

9 07 2014

OK – I got the better archived video …. added it to the post.

10 07 2014

This is better, it looks like the tower is in cased in ice at the bottom, is this a fog caused by the freezing of the ground as it thaws?

10 07 2014

there was white steam, fog before the ice wall project. They have just made a mud pit so far … unable to get ice to form.
Total fail on the ice wall.
Nice drawing of it:

Yes, the second vid is way better.
The strange arcs may be this ion beam effect (or something they are releasing)

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