Who is Nuke Shill, Kathryn Higley and Why Does She Say Such Reprehensible Lies?

12 07 2014

Today ENE-News had a headline “More quakes hit Fukushima — Official: We ordered workers to evacuate areas after M6.8 hit by nuclear plant — Expert: Typhoon causing increased radioactive runoff into ocean?…

– and we couldn’t help but notice this:

Kathryn Higley, Oregon St. Univ. nuclear engineering dept.: Radioactive Runoff […] While the downpour may increase the amount of radioactive runoff from the plant into the ocean, it will be offset by dilution from off-shore rains […] “There may be a flushing of contaminated soils and sediments from rivers and streams out into the ocean, but I wouldn’t anticipate any increased dose effects,” Higley said […]

Another lying sack of sh*t shill!

We thought TEPCO used them all up but there are plenty to go around. They seem to congregate on the US west coast but don’t seem to be turning into mush like all of the starfish out there.  Instead, they are calcifying and holding fast like a lot of radioactive barnacles.

So, who is this lying sack of sh*t shill, Kathryn Higley?

Oh, Gawd! She worked for HANFORD! They called her  an “environmental health physicist ” Guess that’s better than “beagle torturer” or “children’s cancer booster”.  These cruds just use their eddykashun to make up new methods of proving genocide industries are “healthy” neighbors and employers.

Oregon State U. – that bastion of academic free thinking and ‘buck the system’ provosts!
DOE grants Oregon State nuclear power startup $226 million
“CORVALLIS, Ore. – A promising new form of nuclear power that evolved in part from research more than a decade ago at Oregon State University today received a significant boost: up to $226 million in funding to NuScale Power from the United States Department of Energy.
NuScale began as a spinoff company based on the pioneering research of OSU professor Jose Reyes, and since has become one of the international leaders in the creation of small “modular” nuclear reactors. . . “

This NuScale baby-daddy, Reyes, is a nuke whore of the first order.

Besides touting NuScale and popping in on Oregon State, he is the  U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) technical expert on passive safety systems. He like to promote mini-nukes for everybody. First world, third world, zionist nut-state … “everybody into the pool!”

She was right there at the get-go after 3-11 to explain how Fukushima didn’t kill anyone and how it isn’t a danger at all.




5 responses

15 07 2014

Disgusting pimps of death and radiation.

16 07 2014

Speaking of shills …

You might be interested in some background info on Nial aka Moe Foe aka MF.


Sakaido Hantai! Banzai!

16 07 2014

oh, yes I am interested.
Saw that comment recently.
My person view is big security companies are behind a lot of these ‘comments’ and I even think some are robot generated.
I feel that because a semi-obscene hateful screed will get posted by a ‘new’ user to a blog but when others reply the retort by the troll in answer is off-topic etc. as if no human reading the replies. Like an automatic doorbell when you go in a store.

16 07 2014

oh, and just saw this on security-industry comment trolls …. Dana talked about them [32 min. mark ]

16 07 2014

you said it!

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