On Brew-ha-ha Over Downed Flight

17 07 2014

Notice today all 3 major US tv networks cut into programming to hype up the latest lost Malaysian airliner.

They didn’t do that when all those Korean kids were sinking on that ferry.

They don’t mention the possibility of the US being willing to instigate an aviation crime to promote a war agenda. Even though they don’t know what happened. They ignore space weapons too.

No US citizens were passengers on that plane. No US airline went missing.

The Ukraine not aligned with US agents is being referred to as “separatists” on all US tv news stations and the seperatist/Nazi/CIA pals  bucking Russia are referred to as regular Ukrainians.



One response

19 07 2014
Keith C. Mandeville

I got this picture off the drudgereport. I’ll send a copy to your email.


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