MORE Officially Sanctioned Child Abuse in the UK Exposed

26 08 2014

[Have to use the euphemism ‘abuse’ in the title but it is too mild a word … F.C. ]

News out of Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England –

Report says 1400 Rotherham kids abused as authorities turned a blind eye
Failings by social workers and police allowed 1,400 children in a town in northern England to suffer years of “appalling abuse”, almost all at the hands of men of Pakistani origin, an independent inquiry has found.

Rotherham: many victims referred to in report are now missing from system
Teenage girls who suffered litany of abuse have disappeared from official view and their fates are unknown

The Guardian view on child abuse in Rotherham: beyond belief
More than a thousand children were abused over a 16-year period in perhaps the most shameful mass betrayal of young people in the history of children’s safeguarding






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11 09 2014

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