Trowbridge Ford Responds to 60 Minutes’ FBI Makeover

28 10 2014

CBS News’ 60 Minutes episode” The Director”  aired on Oct. 12, 2014. Scott Pelley is the correspondent. Robert Anderson and Pat Milton, producers. Video & transcript:

This post deals with dangerous lies that James Comey has said on 60 Minutes.
The whole softball interview was about how the old “Murder Inc.”, racist, provocateur FBI of Hoover days is now the snappy, clean-‘n-fresh ethical FBI that doesn’t ever, ever assassinate people without charges or a trial or engage in illegal spying or planting bombs in journalists’ luggage to implicate them as terrorists etc., etc..


The Fight for no encryption is a smoke screen for National Security Letters‏

By Trowbridge Ford

I have had a running battle with the Bureau ever since it reported that its agents and those from the Postal Service were looking for an alleged dangerous sociopath who was sending hand-written threatening postcards to former Vice President Richard Nixon and Dallas Representative Bruce Alger from Dallas, Irving, and Fort Worth, Texas a month before the JFK assassination – what were apparently from LHO (Lee Harvey Oswald) as they were the places where he was born, visited regularly to see his wife Marina, and where he worked.

Still Nixon went to Dallas, and strolled around the city for two days before the assassination, advertising that he so little needed police protection that the Dallas Morning News noted it on its front page on the fatal day. This culminated in a totally broken down Secret Service protection when the President’s limousine drove through the city that afternoon.

Ever since I made note of this in various publications, particularly one of Tom Valentine’s, the Bureau has been out to get me, first as the pardoned former President’s libeler, and then for decades the President’s forger, claiming that he was working with Jack Ruby even since his days on HUAC – what Jim DiEugenio claimed in a special issue of Probe magazine in January 1996 that eventually brought down the President during Watergate.

While I wish it was true, as the USA has never had anyone near as terrible as Richard Nixon, the false claim was intended to make my death-by-poisoning in Portugal look like suicide or a natural death – what the Portuguese weekly Ja intended to make more likely by trashing my claim about the Dallas coup as completely unfounded, even though it had interviewed me extensively, and taken numerous photos of where I lived before putting down my theory in a June 1996 issue.

While the CIA made the attempts to kill me while I continued to live in Europe, the Bureau took over when I came back to the States in December 2012 after it had joined in the Swedish Security Service aka Sapo in attempting to make out that I was working with ‘Jihad Jane’ aka Colleen LaRose and to assassinate Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks (killed for insulting the Prophet).

Back in the States, when the Bureau could find no encrypted message which implicated me in Muslim terrorism, since I made no such messages, it apparently tried to kill me in a drug bust where I lived, making out that I was working with Steven G. Nickerson in some criminal activity, based upon all the property holdings he allegedly has around New Haven.

When an Bureau-based assassin failed to shoot me when I answered an unexpected visitor at 1 a.m., and failed to stand up when he shined a hand-held laser radar pistol in my window at the same time two days later in June 2013.  The Bureau, thanks apparently to getting approval of a National Security Letter about me, held up delivery of my furniture from Europe in the hope of finding some dirty explosive, and then went through my papers and belongings, even crushing a piece of my chess set, a black knight, in the hope of determining if it was an explosive device.

The snoops even placed a note on its box containing it, stating that the piece was broken on July 29, 2013, the day that James Comey was confirmed as its Director.

In sum, National Security Letters are the great threat to Fourth Amendment rights, not opening encrypted messages.



FBI:  you can’t kill all the journalists because the bloggers will replace them ten-fold. And when you kill them the twitter people will replace them a thousand-fold. – FC


Extra –

  • More info and many documents can be found here –
    Citizens for Truth About the Kennedy Assassination–
  • Jim Dieugenio – Reclaiming Parkland Interview





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28 10 2014

NY Times (today)
Tracking the Postal Surveillance System

“. . . the Postal Service’s own Office of Inspector General produced an audit of the mail cover program this past spring — the first time the office had examined the program — that provided a critical assessment and uncovered numerous problems. The audit found that in many cases the Postal Service approved requests to monitor an individual’s mail without adequately describing the reason or having the proper written authorization. The little-known audit, along with interviews with defense attorneys and Postal Service officials, showed a program that was much larger than previously thought and which seemed to lack proper oversight in some cases.”

28 10 2014

Also – relating to the attempt to poison the author in Portugal –
this is of interest:

Was Gary Webb Suicided to Kill New Book?

“. . . I spoke to Gary and in the conversation he indicated he had a lot of evidence that did not appear in his writings. I cautioned him that the CIA might contrive to “suicide” him, and he indicated that if he died it would not be suicide.

The CIA has experts on producing authentic-appearing “suicide notes”. If you ever get a report like this about me, you can be absolutely certain it was not suicide.”

30 10 2014
Trowbridge h. Ford

Found the front page notice of the Dallas Morning News on the fatal about Nixon predicting in Dallas that JFK might drop LBJ from the 1964 Democratic ticket most fascinating, as the editions i saw only had a notice about “Guard Not For Nixon.”

Just think of LBJ being dropped while Nixon helped make the sitting President a dead duck.

And forgot about when Jonathan Vankin was interviewing me in Ridgefield, Connecticut where I was working as the sports editor of its weekly newspaper about my ideas about the Dallas plot in 1989.

When he was finished, he asked me if I would agree to a FOIA request about what the Bureau had on me – what I, of course, agreed to.

When it came back, there was not only a record check of what various institutions knew about me of a criminal nature – of which there was nothing – but also a big file which the Bureau would only release under a court order, what shocked Vankin no end.

Seems like the FBI has had an unannounced file on me for half a century on only suspicion that I am some kind of spy.

30 10 2014

They seem to have a lot of time on their hands to build files on journos they dislike.
Too bad they can’t direct their big brains to tracking down the missing trillions Rumsfeld lost at the pentagon or the mysterious wreck on World Trade Tower 7 or those wads of credit default swaps put out to foreign traders or …

2 06 2015

Just came across this on topic of Nixon in Dallas – [ after 57 min. mark ] has about Pepsico & Cuba and sugar imports.
Interview with Dave Emory, Bush Sr. biographer –

2 06 2015

. . . my take away on this part of the interview is this Kendal guy from Peps1c0 brought Nixon to Dallas for the purpose of making him see what happens to executives who do not follow orders . . .
I think Peps1 – Nixon – Dallas stuff would make a whole book!
Look at this treasure trove of Nixon tapes I stumbled across looking up Donald Kendall + Cuba ….
Conversation No. 724-004
Date May 15, 1972
Time 4:06 – 4:54 p.m.
Location: Oval Office
Participants: Nixon, Donald M. Kendall, Flanigan

whole batch –

short vid – Rumsfeld, Pepsi, Nixon connection

Carnigie Council:
“Kendall has also been active in political, economic, and cultural organizations. Some of the positions he has held include chairman of the National Alliance of Businessmen; co-chairman of the US-USSR Trade and Economic Council, chairman of the board of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States”

2 06 2015

and …. just in case You Tube just posted here disappears …. the vid description says
“In late November of 1963, Pepsi scheduled a corporate meeting in Dallas, Texas. This meeting coincided with a national soda pop bottlers convention there. Pepsi invited former Vice President Richard Nixon to Dallas for the corporate meeting. While he was in Dallas, on November 21, 1963, Nixon gave a press conference in which he criticized the policies of President John F. Kennedy.

The huge soda pop convention took over the big new Market Hall site. That meant that John F. Kennedy, arriving in Dallas on November 22, 1963, had to choose a different place for a speech he was to give. This would have been at the Dallas Trade Mart. That location meant the JFK motorcade would take the route through downtown Dallas to the Trade Mart, past the grassy knoll area and the Texas School Book Depository. Pepsi and other sugar-needing soda pop purveyors did not cause the “hair-pin turn” fine-tuning, but they helped put the JFK motorcade in the general vicinity.

It always later bothered Richard Nixon how he had ended up in Dallas on the day John F. Kennedy was slain. It was “that whole Bay of Pigs thing” which the CIA had files upon yet would not allow Nixon to see when he became U.S. president in 1969.”

1 11 2014

break-ins, stalking, murder and career sabotage of JFK assassination witnesses, insiders and journos recounted in detail here ….

8 11 2014
Trowbridge h. Ford

What the so-called counter terrorists aka the police can get way with goes even further than this.

Here in New Haven, shortly after I arrived, a gay Yale University English Professor Sam See got into a big dispute with his husband, resulting in a big hassle with the police when they broke their court orders to keep apart from one another.

When the police were called in after a dispute broke out between the two where See lived in late November 2013, See was arrested, and incarcerated in a local police cell after he had words with the cops, and suffered a cut on his forehead for the treatment of which he was taken to Yale-New Haven Hospital.

During the first night of his incarceration, he suffered a massive attack after an apparent drug overdose, though there was no explanation of how he got it as inmates are normally stripped of what they have when jailed. Seems he got it from a prisoner observer, though the state medical examiner ruled it a suicide.

See’s death was such a shock that the authorities delayed notifying the press and his next of kin of it for over three days during which New Haven and Yale University were locked down because of anonymous theta that the caller’s roommate was on his way to shoot up the place – what the authorities used as the cause for their administrative oversight in reporting a routine matter – i. e., See’s alleged suicide.

Subsequently, there was a similar lockdown at West Haven’s University of New Haven, and a convenient fallguy, William Dong, was arrested, though he was allowed to plead guilty recently for merely transporting an illegal weapon, and the person who allegedly caused New Haven’s problems, Jeffrey Jones, was never apparently prosecuted for any of the serious felonies there.

It just shows that if the police spread out what they are doing long enough, they can get away with murder.

Little wonder why the residents of Ferguson are so concerned about what will happen there.

8 11 2014

Yes, police do NOT like spotlight on what how they operate, especially very old, very corrupt police fraternal organizations (organized crime outfits).
The world is watching Ferguson, not because of the local community relations failure.

After the LA uprising I read this good paperback featuring an LA cop telling
all about corruption at LAPD.

“L.A. Secret Police. Inside the LAPD Elite Spy Network”

This very big LA news story with the tell-all cop had just been on local tv a lot
and was one more factor in causing the explosion of rage that unfolded there.
Nationl media outlets simplify the cause with the phrase “Rodney King” but of course
the cause was decades of LAPD corruption, CIA drug dumping, gang-creation and exploitation by LAPD-CIA goons.

8 11 2014

Looking forward to two upcoming films.

Citizenfour about Snowden leaking the news about NSA spying and the police state
trailer –

Kill The Messenger about Gary Webb, the crusading investigative journalist whose 1996 Dark Alliance series broke the news about US covert ops running coke and wrecking Los Angeles. We don’t think he killed himself any more than Hunter Thomspon did.
[ ]
trailer –

8 11 2014
Trowbridge h. Ford

And don’t forget the Bureau’s resident in Burbank Steve Ivens, who was found dead right near his church during Obama’s re-election campaign after an 80-day manhunt with a bullet hole conveniently in his head after he had become another leaker because of what was going on at its Bob Hope International Airport.

This time the Secret Service, unlike in Dallas, apparently got their man!

8 11 2014

[THF refers to this (2nd half of article)… about Bob Hope airport incident ]

and this on even small towns getting police state treatment –

8 11 2014

… on the theme of cold war and Russian aviation….

10 11 2014
Trowbridge h. Ford

Now the Surrey Coroner Richard Travers in Britain has ruled that the Al-Hilli family adults were killed unlawfully back in 2012 around Lake Annecy in France,

Seems that the adults were killed by American William Hershkovitz because the Mossad set them up to look like they were working for Iran to help it gain nuclear secrets, and Hershkovitz agreed to do it in the hope of becoming a permanent member of the Israeli foreign intelligence service.

The massacre fell apart, though, when he learned that he was supposed to kill their kids too, resulting in his not only stopping the shooting there, but going on a shooting spree when he got back to Israeli, thanks to taunts by his fellow trainees, and his work supervisor, resulting in Hershkovitz killing him too, but in the process he was conveniently murdered.

Of course, the Bureau, starting with the Legal Attache in London, informing the Met that it is looking into Hewrshkovitz’s involvement, but don’t expect any such moves from Comey – he is only interested in what Muslim terrorists are doing.

12 11 2014
14 11 2014
Trowbridge h. Ford

As I have indicated, I think that William Hershkovitz was the assassin of the Saad Al-Hillii family adults, and went on the rampage back in Eilat when his fellow trainees, and supervisor of his cover work, Armando Abed, taunted him over his increasingly insane behavior, resulting in him grabbing a gun from a security guard, and killing Abed in great ease.

In the ensuing shootout, Hershkovitz ultimately killed himself, ending official interest, especially by James Comey’s FBI, of what had happened back at Lake Annecy.

The FBI has no interest in convenient killings, as Steve Ivens’ survivors have bitterly learned.

15 11 2014

On new topic – I find it more than a coincidence this quake hit Indonesia just when Obama is preaching to the G20 about his Asia pivot.

16 11 2014
Trowbridge h. Ford

The quake is just the result of the USA engaging in so m much man-made climate change, especially the earthquakes off Aceh right after Christmas 2004, and the Tohuku one off Japan in March 2011 which caused the vast Fukushima disaster – what Japanese PM Abe thinks was really caused by China’s consumption of coal, and the G20 summit has kept going by allowing Australia to continue to be the world;s biggest, unnecessary polluter.

18 11 2014

This message sent in was probably a reply to this post ….

22 11 2014

TFH sends this:

“Despite all the hoopla about J. Edgar Hoover being unable to get Dr. King to commit suicide, posters should realize that the Bureau still arranged to have him assassinated, having CIA director of executive action and former FBI rogue agent William King Harvey, now aka Harvey Steinmeyer, make James Earl Ray into a Manchurian Candidate who was set up to do the dirty work in Memphis while an FBI squad was stationed in the local fire station to make sure that there was no damaging blowback from what the Director so wanted.

How about Comey placing a photograph of Harvey too on his desk!”

23 11 2014

25 11 2014

UK story on that hacked-to-death-soldiers “terrur” story –
U.K. Spy Agencies Cleared Over 2013 London Murder of Soldier

2 06 2015
Nixon in Dallas 1963 | flying cuttlefish picayune

[…] Lots more on Nixon in Dallas in comments on this earlier post – Trowbridge Ford Responds to 60 Minutes’ FBI Makeover […]

3 10 2015

More on 60 Min. –
Newly Declassified Govt Docs Reveal Operation Mockingbird is Alive and Well

“An agency of the U.S. government was exposed trying to control the public narrative over WikiLeaks in 2011 by influencing media outlets coverage, as revealed in the latest batch of Hillary Clinton emails released by the State Department.

The emails from Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs at the time, Philip J. Crowley, expose the U.S. State Department “planting” a number of “questions and concerns” with CBS News for a 60 minutes piece on WikiLeaks, featuring Julian Assange.”
(story has the e-mail)

I am sure CBS shills doctor a lot more 60 Min. pieces than just NSA topic.

16 12 2015
Trowbridge h. Ford

Don’t understand the rigmarole about the counter terrorists not being aware of that Farook and Malik were planning in San Bernardino.

Doesn’t the DHS have offices around the country, getting tip offs about alleged dangerous people? Don’t its agents in LA get information from private citizens and government agents about who the DHS should be checking on?

Shouldn’t weapons shops and shooting ranges be on the lookout for potential dangerous customers? Shouldn’t people in the social media and neighbors be reporting possible terrorist activity?

Then there are all the police forces and their employees who should be checking on possible criminal activity.

In this context, FBI Director James Comey explaining that the DHS was not checking on their threats on social media because there were none seems just a convenient cover up.

Wasn’t the DHS aware of what the couple was doing, thanks to all the feedback that it was getting about them, and having the NSA collecting their private communications which should have had them under Bureau surveillance?

If not, why not?i

17 12 2015

And why are people who make documentaries and journos and lecturers getting pulled aside at airports right and left and put into illegal detention for interrogation about their legal activities? It isn’t because DHS is short staffed.
And where are the 3 beefy white men who did all the San Bernadino shooting?

19 02 2016
Trowbridge h. Ford

Now Comey’s FBI is on a massive fishing expedition to catch more alleged terrorists, like me, by making out its fight with Apple is over providing encrypted material as a matter of unfair marketing advantage rather than just hoping to catch people like the friends and acquaintances of the San Bernardino suicide murderers as likely accomplices.

Comey reminds me more of Himmler’s Gestapo everyday.

19 02 2016

I thought NSA’s best friend was AT&T and they nab what they want from phones any old time they want to.
I am leery when Apple claims an interest in customer privacy. Like a cat caring about a mouse.

22 02 2016

oh, they saw your comment 😉

Apple Says FBI Opposition is ‘Absolutely Not’ a ‘Marketing Strategy’

28 02 2016

FYI – a comment on a JFK blog linked to an article of yours here.

9 03 2016
Trowbridge h. Ford

See that Edward Snowden has confirmed that FBI Director James Comey was lying when he claimed that the Bureau could not unlock the IPhone of that male San Bernadino shooter.

9 03 2016

I think the the more important thing on San Bernadino is the first reports of white suspects who looked like commandos. This couple who got the blame may be entirely unrelated to the shooting.
They can kill anyone and lay a horrible crime on them. Scary days.

9 03 2016

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