Your Toaster in 2017 – Instruction Manual

11 11 2014

WONDER TOASTERTM  12.0.7        2017 Edition



Digital satellite receiver controlled encrypted autostarting toaster with Kustom-SetTM  individually adjustable microwave drives.
Featuring TuneItTM programmable ringtone chimes for each drive.

Instruction Manual

Plug the Power Connector  into the eSATA connection on your counter. If the unit needs to be more than 7″ from the eSATA connection you may purchase a Power Connector extension Type 2b.
Be sure to register your product with the 18 digit security code on the red label on the bottom left of WONDER TOASTERTM. When you receive your registration code in your e-mail:

1]    Turn ON the unit using the remote miniscanner (battery not included).

2]    At the tone enter the letters and numbers (no spaces) in the box that appears on the LED screen. Wait for the unit to synchronize with your Digital Video Broadcasting Device (DVBD). Users in the UK see your DVBD manual for additional 4 digit authorization code for your area. You will see “88888888” on the LED when it has finished.

3]    Insert your Wonder SmartCardTM, memory strip facing down, into the card reader slot at the back of the unit. One red and one green LED light will display the standby status of the WONDER TOASTERTM  . Download UPDATES for WONDER TOASTERTM  and be sure they upload through the Network Interface. The READY message will not engage until you have entered at least 4 ringtones for all 4 toaster-drives on the unit. Omitting this step will result in the red and green LED lights remaining on and the standby mode will stay on hold. If your ringtones are in GF4 or earlier format you may convert them using the free application available at the website listed on the warranty page.

You are now ready to make toast.
All functions of the WONDER TOASTERTM  can be controlled via OSD-Menu (On-Screen-Display). The default temperature setting is in Fahrenheit. To switch to Celsius use the Options button on the remote miniscanner. When the list appears scroll down to SETTINGS and select “Temperature Control Options” and de-select Fahrenheit. Press the UP button when finished.
To make toast using picture-in-picture on your Digital Video Broadcasting Device (DVBD) follow the instructions after you see the WONDER TOASTERTM box appear. You may jump from light toast to the next 40 darknesses of toast using the left and right arrows.
To OPEN the primary drive to make a single piece of toast press the EJECT button twice. Press it once for all toast drives to open. To make 2 slices of toast OPEN all of the drives and hold the SET button down as drive 2 and 3 close. To make 3 slices of toast OPEN all of the drives and tap the SET button once for drive 2 to close. If an ERROR message appears RESET the drive control using the Settings Tab in the picture-in-picture box on your Digital Video Broadcasting Device (DVBD).
Once you have selected the TOAST OPTIONS shown on the picture-in-picture on your Digital Video Broadcasting Device (DVBD) for each drive place bread slices bottom-side in on the drive tray(s).
Wait for your ringtone(s) to signal completion of the microwave toasting cycle. The drive(s) will EJECT toast.


Cautions          p. 4
System Information      p. 14
Installing software    p. 16
Troubleshooting     p. 23
TV-Mode Set Up     p. 107
Manual Scan         p. 145
Technical Data     p. 158




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