No Indictment For #NYC Cop Who Killed Eric Garner + Almost Impossible to Indict a Cop

4 12 2014

predictable non-justice…
the time has ended when they can just keep doing this then have a blue-ribbon panel to smooth things over….

Dandelion Salad

Eric Garner Protest Union Square to Rockefeller Center Image by Dave Bledsoe via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

NYPD killer of Eric Garner to go free

RT on Dec 3, 2014

A New York City grand jury has decided not to indict the New York Police Department officer accused of killing the 43-year-old unarmed Eric Garner by putting him in a prohibited chokehold. The NYPD is now preparing for more protests stemming from the decision. RT’s Ameera David and Alexey Yaroshevsky have the latest details.

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5 12 2014

New link added to the sidebar in ‘Action’ section: Black Lives Matter….

5 12 2014

New York City traffic cameras –

29 12 2014

NYPD conjure up old racist taunt of ” n***er Lover ” at NYC Mayor –

And don’t forget the NYPD’s racist riot following NYC’s first black mayor’s election:
” In 1992, the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association protested David Dinkins’ plan to staff the Civilian Complaint Review Board with actual civilians. This great love-in was held in front of City Hall. Some cops were drunk. Some carried signs describing Dinkins as a “washroom attendant.”.

… oh, they did more than carry signs! They tipped over cars and Giuliani lead the racist chants standing on a car. You Tube has removed the popular vieos of it.
PBA dirt:

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