Obama Legacy: TORTURE

9 12 2014

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Today US Senate puts out the torture report from their (rubber stamp) intel committee. If it is worse than “Torture Techniques used in Guantanamo“, be prepared to blow a fuse!

The Intercept: Live Coverage of the Senate Torture Report

From page 9 -10 of the 500+ page report:




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9 12 2014

We must all have a realization that something is drastically wrong with the endless wars and the general corruption world wide, whilst organizations such as the CIA, are allowed to have free range on their activities, they are neither accountable to the public nor to political office and are no longer surveying these activities, not only should we not trust the political scene as we no longer trust the CIA, in terms of humanitarian ideology, nor do these people subscribe to natural justice, they are becoming a ruthless group involved with criminal activity, it is time for us all to recognize this, we can no longer trust these institutions and the public know they have been betrayed.


10 12 2014

in case readers think this should be laid at Bush administration only –
Obama’s justice department grants final immunity to Bush’s CIA torturers –
Glenn Greenwald


4 04 2017


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