Christmas Comes Early for Wall Street

13 12 2014

It’s beginning to look a lot like looting . . .

5 Awful Things Congress Snuck Into the Omnibus Budget Deal


More rottenness snuck into the budget from Zero Hedge.




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19 12 2014

Did you see the land grab for Rio Tinto-Resolution Copper stuffed into the Defense budget? Isn’t it enough that the American Indians have been robbed of almost everything without continuing to diss their sacred lands; destroy the environment? It’s not like they are asking for their country back but just respect for National Forests. Did Obama ever ask the American Indians about what they thought about immigration as he sounded like? I couldn’t find an answer online. Or, he was just using them? He and McCain both have taken Rio Tinto money. America needs to come to terms with its status as a colonial settler state. The real problem isn’t illegal immigration from indigenous Latin America but legal immigration from countries with no historical ties. Well, yes, also illegal immigration but the problem is what is forcing the people to flee Latin America which is land grabs. Is anyone calling on the UK, Ireland and Germany to allow right of return as Italy does? They allow everyone else in but their own indigenous sons and daughters. I asked this question about right of return on a colonial settler blog who appears to have deleted my comment. Ph.D. student who asks for comments and deletes the comment! She might have at least responded before deleting. She also had a mistake regarding a book which she didn’t bother to correct. It was one of my typical long-winded comments but it was full of useful facts. I think that she doesn’t want to accept her participation in colonial settler state as a recent immigrant. Also that Algeria kicked out people who had been in Algeria for 300 plus years (Spanish, Christian, Jews) when they kicked out the French. Her last name is Sanders but she looks Algerian. And, of course, if anyone should be granted asylum it is Middle Eastern women. But, Algerians have special immigration privileges to secular France. Everyone else stands in line but they have a special line for Algerians! This topic of McCain and the land grab and some other things just makes me so angry it’s hard to even write a coherent post. Have you heard of anyone pushing for Americans who want to opt out of the colonial settler state and who do not have right of return to be allowed right of return? There is actually plenty of room in Scotland and Germany and Ireland. The UK uses no one being in Scotland as an excuse to make it a nuclear site, but there are 10x more Scots outside of Scotland as within. They would be less damaging than nuclear weapons and waste. Germany also has plenty of land but thinks nothing of dumping its nuclear waste in South Carolina, along with its unwanted people.

20 12 2014

I was waiting for them to blame the SONY hack on Venezuela…

19 12 2014

PS: When I say special line I mean that students or anyone else who wants to have papers in France must stand in a line for 8 or more hours – no food, no toilets – whereas the Algerians go straight through or at least they have their own separate window.

19 12 2014

Now my comment seems to be there though she will now be justified in deleting since I accused her of deleting. It didn’t show from yesterday and then did.

20 12 2014

I am late checking comments this wek.
All kinds of slow-down problems at WordPress!

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