A Dispatch from the Front – Berkeley

14 12 2014

Berkeley: How We Shut Down Peter Thiel And Ended Up With Guns In Our Faces

“On December 10th, 2014, the ambiguous multitudes of the Counterforce found themselves at the gates of UC Berkeley waiting for the fifth night of protests to begin. For the past weeks, the many cities of the Bay Area have been engulfed in an upheaval against the police and the racist, capitalist order they maintain. As we all know, the police are the dogs of the ruling class and serve as punching bags for the public to hit when angered. Unfortunately for the ruling class, these punching bags have egos, emotions, and psychoses that cannot be contained and sometimes overflow. The police have been given free reign to terrorize us all for centuries and are accustomed to murdering with impunity, spreading lies to the public, and engaging in every manner of criminal enterprise, just as lower classes have always known. The ruling class has no choice but to allow the various police brotherhoods their sick powers in exchange for maintaining capitalist order. But now that the police have grown out of control and are creating disorder, the ruling class is seeking to replace them. The only problem is that the robots are not quite ready yet.”

(more)      http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2014/12/11/18765439.php





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14 12 2014

The peculiar situation with police is, the zest they operate with impunity in institutional violence has for some time been serious enough that even the most law abiding must find this group supposedly working for law and order, are just uniformed thugs, and have for some time the license, to murder.
The other aspect of these people is considering they act as you may expect like tortured animal such as a dog confined in such restricted conditions that they become wild and dangerous, and reason is beyond their ability to consider, as I do not know any police personally, they seem as if they are highly repressed, and culturally and having not a high intelligence.
It seems to me the 1%, are similar and they act in a symbiosis, the police admire what the rich have and the rich know the police are a mirror image of themselves except they do not have the money, yet they are given power, to compensate.

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15 12 2014

I like the chant “Who do you serve? Who do you protect?”


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