Nuclear Reactor Licenses: US NRC can’t figure out to whom they are being transferred- Urgent Comment Deadline

31 12 2014

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Here is more evidence that incompetence is a prerequisite for working for the US NRC – the US NRC wrote the wrong company name in the Federal Register for the new license holder for 2 US reactors. And, by the way, the US NRC has still not corrected this error, even though they were on this blog months ago:

Now that the Japanese government has just signed to make Japan liable for US Nuclear accidents and vice versa, maybe the Japanese will take note of the dangerous incompetence of the US NRC, since most Americans are oblivious. The Chinese that everyone needs to fear isn’t located in China, but rather in the US: Alan B. Wang, Project Manager for Plant Licensing at the US NRC, who seemingly can’t even figure out the name of the company which 2 US Nuclear Reactors are being licensed to; who has apparently condoned…

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31 12 2014

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