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31 12 2014


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On top of those melt downs at Fukushima there’s a big nuke emergency in Urkraine at one of the biggest nuke plants in the world. Not on US news, of course.


Dec. 3 Fox Crawl Ukraine’s Zaporizhia nuclear power plant crippled by accident that shut down reactor

An incident at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant in Ukraine has been kept secret by the authorities for five days. It happened on 28 November 2014, forcing one reactor to be shut down.

Dec. 4 – Energoatom says, “Nothing to look at here folks! Move along!” Dec. 14 – LINK – Dec. 22 – The People’s VoiceUkraine a black hole of trouble. Running out of money.

” . . .  Exhausting its foreign exchange reserves. Economic crisis conditions worsening. At a time Fort Russ reports 15 Ukrainian nuclear reactors dangerously close to power loss. Disastrous if happens. Ukraine can’t pay its bills. It’s running out of coal. Civil war continues. Economic collapse looms. About half the country’s coal mines aren’t operating. Miners walked out. Left to protect their families and homes. From “Kiev regime assaults.” Supply roads were destroyed. Stability keeps deteriorating.

If “reactors lose power, and generators don’t operate…uncontrollable temperature rises, explosions, meltdowns and meltthroughs will follow, said Fort Russ. Like Fukushima. Maybe worse. Given the number of troubled reactors. Erupting spent fuel pools spell disaster. . . ”

Dec. 26 – TASS Ukraine to repair two units of Zaporizhia NPP in February < has tech. details Dec. 31 – TASS –  Use of US nuclear fuel at Czech Republic’s Temelin NPP causes problems — experts

Europe advises its counterparts in other countries not to replace the nuclear fuel specifically designed for this type of reactors with unauthorized substitutes, the company ALTA said


” . . .  Let us recall that one month ago, November 28, another emergency shutdown on Zaporozhye A-plant took place: it was power unit 3 with capacity of 1000 megawatt. “The unit was easily shifted into cold position. There were no radiological consequences”, — they said then at Energoatom.

That malfunction was the fourth emergency shutdown of power unit 3 at the most heavily loaded and exhausted A-plants of Ukraine. There are three power plants running in Ukraine now with 16 power units four of which are idle at the moment. . . “

Dec. 30 – Leuren Moret – ‘Second Chernobyl’ May Be Underway In Ukraine

” …. Strategy on creation of the centralized storage of the spent fuel. This fact defines necessity of estimation an storage opportunity of a new fuel after operation in reactor core;   The declared policy Euro integration. The process of licensing of new types of fuel takes into account the recommendations IAEA, experience of the EC countries. For an independent technical review the international organizations are involving.”

” . . . So far, the reactors were operating with fuel supplied by Russia’s Rosatom. But it seems that the clique of neo-Nazi and anti-Russian hysteria in power in Kiev has undertaken to replace the Russian fuel and to provide for Westinghouse (USA). One more sign, if necessary, submitting Ukrainian coup leaders to US interests.

But the transplant fuel supplied by Westinghouse on Russian design reactors seem to pose serious problems. It is reported more reactor stops (3 and 6) in recent days, and retirements grid. . . “

  • ZIK (west Ukraine cable tv conglomerate, started 2010) – Westinghouse springs into action with fake news report
  • Jan. 6 – See More Rocks blog – Mistake in reported radiation from Zaporozhia Please Note: The Radiation Reported in “leaked documents” from Zaporozhye / Zaporizhia NPP is NOT “5 mSv/year”, but 5 µSv/hr !!!  (RT mistranslation being spread widely) – that’s per HOUR(!)

SafeCast radiation map Bellona (think tank in Norway) – Nuclear issues in ex-soviet republics Romania monitors catch radiation spike

  – from ENE News comment

The nuke plant is in SE Ukraine at Vodyane, Zaporizhia. It is at 45.51 N Lat and 34.58 W Long. MORE INFO + MAP. UkMap   Google MAP

TWITTER news, photos –


  • white paper – The Zaporazhye ISFSI [PDF] outlines the plant’s relationship with Duke Univ. “Minimal preexisting information was available to provide guidance to the designers on fuel or equipment adaptation.”

Technical documents from on the upgrade work there – English (computer translation), original (Russian)

Russia & East European radiation reports at Not  All Alledged is Apparent blog

Leuren Moret Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant LINK –

More on Westinghouse fuel switch deal

“A U.S.-based [sic] energy company and Ukraine are on the verge of signing a deal that would lessen Russia’s influence and give the West greater leverage on the former Soviet republic.”

Dec. 31, 2014 –Westinghouse and Energoatom have agreed “to significantly increase” nuclear fuel deliveries to Ukrainian nuclear power plants until 2020.

In a statement yesterday, Westinghouse said this increased cooperation will bring diversification and security of nuclear fuel supplies for Ukraine’s reactor fleet

US-based Westinghouse, which is majority-owned by Japan’s Toshiba, has been working in the Ukrainian market since 2003. Its fuel is operating at the South Ukraine nuclear power plant “without any defects in performance”, Westinghouse said in the same statement. . . . “

” . . . Structural defects with the fuel assemblies have been identified resulting in mechanical damage – and Westinghouse are now scrambling to put matters right despite having previously pooh-poohed the concerns I mentioned on 1st May 2010.

The question is whether Westinghouse will be given the opportunity to do so – and at what political cost to Washington given the origins of the deal – or given their cavalier attitude in 2010, whether they are rightly and justifiably to be kicked out of Ukraine. . . . “

   [2010 was when pro-west cable ‘news’ outlet ZIK  started]

They had a dust up with US sponsored Nazis in May – The Storming of Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant by Neo-Nazis A comment on ENE-News – “US ambassador to Ukraine is former deputy chief of U.S. mission to IAEA

Chris Busby talks about Ukraine NPP situation in this Alex Jones’ Show Interview [ at 1:23:14 mark ]



            World Nuclear NewsTransformer fire at South Ukraine plant extinguished

  • Jan. 19 – Hungary TodayPaks Power Plant: Leak In 2013 Did Not Reach Deviation Level ” . . . Chinese companies were looking for opportunities to sell nuclear fuel in Eastern Europe. . .”Russia had regained the market of nuclear fuel for water-cooled reactors after revelations at the Temelin Nuclear Power Plant (Czech Republic) and Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant (Finland). Diversification of fuel supplies in Ukraine started with a deal signed with American companies in 2000, during Leonid Kuchma’s presidency. As of 2007, the third block of the South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant had 6 American reactor fuel assemblies, less than 1% of all fuel at Ukrainian nuclear facilities. President Yushchenko sped the process up after President Bush’s visit. 42 American reactor fuel assemblies were installed at the third block.”

Mar. 9 – Yoichi Shimatsu talks about MOX at ZNPP Urkraine – audio file May 16 – RT News – Safety system at Ukraine’s largest Zaporozhye nuclear plant triggers shutdown


LINK – LINK – LINK – Feb. 17 – LINK – July 24 – A good summary of the situation so far by Dr. Leuren Moret – LINK –

July 28 – Ukraine requests emergency help from “the aggressor”

” . . . It was reported earlier that Ukriane’s most powerful power station in Uglegorsk (Donetsk Region, property of the state firm Tsentrenergo) halted power generation last night. Repairs are also being conducted on a number of other power stations. In addition, one of the 1000 MW generators at the Zaporozhye power station has suffered damage and is undergoing emergency repairs.

According to Yurasumy, these problems which nearly caused the collapse of Ukraine’s power grid have a number of causes. One of them is the effort to convert Ukrainian nuclear power plants to US fuel.”

NOTE: Google News is blocking all news about Zaporozhye Power Plant after Jan. 2nd.

[ this post will get updated as more news comes in ]



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31 12 2014

Reblogged this on dedicatedvolunteer and commented:
Things that make you go HMMM! None of this is on the news.


1 01 2015

High five !! Your blog is the BEST !!! Thank you, flyingcuttlefish (^ ^)/


1 01 2015

Thanks, bo!
I am trying to gather good bits for that post from ENE comments etc. — so if you see anything add the link to comments on the flying cuttlefish blog.
That way later people can find the info all in one place (one blog post) from the search tags….


6 01 2015

Misc – I forget the name.. I’m sleepy right now.. but current UK ambassador to Ukraine is also former IAEA..! Trail of yellowcake ! Good night !


6 01 2015

yeah! I put that in the bottom of the post.
Has everything to do with Westnghouse headlines I am sure!


6 01 2015

Good morning! What I meant to say-

US ambassador to Ukraine: Geoffrey Pyattformer deputy chief of U.S. mission to IAEA.

UK ambassador to Ukraine: Simon Smith
former UK’s Governor on the Board of the IAEA. 

super miscellaneous for future ref.

Have a good day flyingcuttlefish! (^_^)/


6 01 2015

well, well, well, …. 😉


7 01 2015
8 01 2015

excellent! added!
p. 4 has the goods!


8 01 2015

useful abbreviations in that whitepaper –

YUNPP → Yuznho-Ukrainskaya NPP ( South Ukraine NPP )

RNPP → Rivine NPP

FA → fuel assembly

TVS-W → Westinghouse fuel assembly

TVSM → type of Ukranian fuel assembly (older, more rigid )

TVSA → type of Ukranian fuel assembly ( newer)

WWER→ Soviet design pressurized water reactor ( It seems, WWER = VVER )



8 01 2015

By way of Odessa Talk critic –

In spring 2012 during the scheduled repair at Yuzhnoukrainsk nuclear power plant (NPP) it was established that the Westinghouse fuel assemblies were mechanically damaged, and they cannot be used anymore. Defects in their structure were declared the reason for the damage to the fuel assemblies.


13 01 2015

My comment here is rather complicated, but basically I found the 2013 IAEA report about nuclear fuel use in Ukraine. In it, after this sentence ‘Westie fuel found defective & banned in 2012’ – they also say ‘MODERNIZED ( improved?) version of these defective Westinghouse fuel assemblies are scheduled for use at ZNPP in 2014.


13 01 2015

don’t put it past them to do something worse!
They will blame uptick in rad release on Chernoyl residue …


16 01 2015

Starting Jan. 2 Google (and everybody else) News has blocked ALL results for this search term:
“Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant ”
None of these 20 news sites showing anything after Jan.2 –

The hose is kinked at the faucet end …


16 01 2015

US may have been drooling over prospects of Ukraine takeover since 1995 –
US/Ukraine Biz Council –

We bet Westinghouse attended … 😉

… [ back in 2009! ]
” – 15:50-17:20 Plenary meeting “BUILDING COUNTRY OF THE FUTURE: ACTION TIME”
Effective management of the region development
International integration directions; Energetic of the future
Biopharmaceutical cluster – combining theory and practice of knowledge economy
Profitable innovations; Powerful opportunities of state-private partnerships
Kharkiv region clusters’ initiatives – new opportunities to rise competitiveness of you business …..”

— and you get breakfast while dividing up the resources!
Wonder what that “Biopharmaceutical cluster ” is doing now….


19 01 2015

From the article in Bellona –
“In the past, said Nikitin, Ukraine sent its spent nuclear fuel to Krasnoyarsk in Siberia for reprocessing. Now, he said, they’ll have to devise their and build their own long term storage facilities to house spent fuel.”

It is obvious this fuel switch was a really, really BAD idea!


22 02 2015

a nearby photo –

I just found how to get the news on nukenado – you look up
“ZNPP Ukraine” as a search term. 🙂


22 06 2015

and to the east of this disaster –

Radioactive waste materials leaking from a storage site in the Donetsk


14 09 2015

a look around filmed on Sept. 9 —


1 03 2016

K.B. says they blew up nuke waste to hurt Russia —


10 03 2016

Related – From March 2015
Leuren Moret: Jesuit-Controlled Obama, US, Authorizes Nuclear Attack On Donetsk (Ukraine)–donetsk-nuclear.html


10 03 2016

Sputnik – (might be from last month) US Westinghouse Fuel Delivered to Biggest Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant

Leuren Moret says –
“The Zaporhyze nuk plant had a MOX fuel meltdown in Nov. 2014 that continued releases into Jan. 2015. Ukraine has only old Soviet era nuk plants, with only 3 left that are working. Prime Minister Arseney Yatsenyuk seems to be the Goldman Sachs nuclear arsonist once again with this new MOX fuel reintroduced to the nuk plant that had a Chernobyl level meltdown in Nov. 2014. Now he is literally trying to put square fuel rods into hexagonal fuel rod holes in the reactor.

This is so obviously a nuclear genocide targeting the Novorussian (war zone) and Crimean populations. They are the largest populations of Russian Orthodox Christians left in Russia/Ukraine. This also reflects the religious aspect of these M. Eastern wars with many Eastern Orthodox Christians from Biblical times are now being genocided because they refuse to submit to the Pope of Rome.”


7 07 2017

NEW – 6-29-17
Forest fire rages in Chernobyl exclusion zone


20 01 2019
Ukraine Nuke Plant has “technological protection shutdown” | flying cuttlefish picayune

[…] There’s another nuke plant 60 miles away. All these nukes right where the US wants to cause a war. This is not the area where they had the earlier nukenado. […]


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