Looking At US Terrorism in Central Asia

15 01 2015

The false flag “attack” in Paris is quickly being revealed as another terrur hoax. SGT Report has a good examination of it –

FALSE FLAG 101: From Gladio To Hebdo — A SGT Report micro-doc

From the CIA-NATO run Operation Gladio, to 9/11 to the 7/7 bombings in London to Sandy Hook to Charlie Hebdo and most points in between, a majority of the terror events through which we suffer are planned and carried out by intelligence agencies and their minions. . . . (has video)


Gladio Revisited

LINK –  http://youtu.be/bsWHafahbvs

Capture of Top al-Qaeda Operative Highlights Turkey’s Role in U.S.-NATO Terror Operations
By Christoph Germann  – Al-Zawahiri’s Man in Libya Detained in Turkey: Another Desperate Attempt to Save the War on Terror Myth

More from Sibel Edmonds at The Boiling Frogs Post




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