Hate Chemtrails? ACT NOW! Earthjustice sues EPA!

21 01 2015

Please pass this on . . .




2 responses

22 01 2015

The pollution from war throughout our planet has not been addressed by the EPA, it is time for the EPA, to evaluate the pollution from war zones, the environmental cost from what I would say is all part of a sham made up and contrived by the 1%, financial elite, I know no one who wants or desires war other than those who instigate a artificial circumstance that is a criminal act that is a fundamental antidemocratic polluting circumstance that is toxic to travels far beyond war borders.

22 01 2015

I think the EPA was flipped by polluting industries shortly after the clean water act was passed. It was cheaper to infiltrate the agency and buy politicians than it was to clean up their act.

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