The Unsolved Murder of Yale Student Suzanne Jovin‏

23 01 2015

   Getting Away With Suzanne Jovin’s Murder Was Osama Bin Laden’s Biggest Coup:
Helps Explain His Own Belated Murder And The  Disposal Of His Body At Sea

Trowbridge Ford

While almost everyone has heard now of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda, it was certainly not the case a generation ago.  Terrorism was essentially an intrastate problem where some religious or ethnic group was having to deal with an autocracy, particularly ones created by collapsing empires, especially Russia’s.

This condition started to change radically in the wake of the Lockerbie disaster when Muammar Gaddafi and various Muslims called for a holy war against the West in response. To divert attention away from London and Washington because of its fallout from trying to blame their assassination of Sweden’s Olof Palme for a,non-nuclear conclusion to the Cold War with the Soviets, they  contrived to blame Libya for the disaster, and it responded in kind.

Given this inter-state confrontation, Osama contrived to make it look like the Muslim Brotherhood, headed by blind cleric Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, was behind the 1993 truck bombing  of New York’s World Trade Center (WTC) when it really was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who was because he soon became Al Qaeda’s operations chief.  The truck bombing probably would have brought down the WTC if the bomb has been placed just a bit closer to the main support of the North Tower.

For Western ignorance in all this, read expert Mark Riebing’s Wedge: The Secret War Between The FBI and CIA, and Mark Urban’s, UK Eyes Alpha, noting that there is no mention of Osama, Al Qaeda, and Sheikh Khalid in all this.

In light of this near triumph, Osama decided to take out Gaddafi’s regime, using another surrogate, its Islamic Fighting Group aka as FIG – what Britain’s frustrated operators in covert government, particularly MI6 aka SIS, had been pining for ever since Margaret Thatcher’s self-inflicted fall.  They were most eager to recruit leaders in IFG as double agents and fund their operations, especially those of TUNWORTH apparently aka Abu Ahmed Khattala and/ Abu Anas Al-libi aka Al-Liby.

There is no question that Al-Liby is TUNWORTH to start with, as Annie Machon identified him as such in her book,  Spies, Lies & Whistleblowers, in its Index, p. 383 – what the censors overlooked when they obliged her to black out his name in the text.  About what he would achieve in their efforts to assassinate Gaddafi, Machon listed obtaining vast Libyan funds to fund Al Qaeda terrorism like the 9/11 attacks, control and destabilize world oil prices, and not only an increased ability to attack Israel security, but also that of the world at large.  (p. 283)

Fortunately, the assassination attempt in February-March 1996 near Sirte failed because the IFG terrorists attacked the wrong vehicle, but its organizers still considered it a success because MI6’s TUNWORTH had somehow managed to escape in James Bond fashion – what was important because it allowed him secretly to work for friend and foe alike. Britain improved his capability by allowing him to escape from where he lived in Manchester, conveniently finding all kinds of terrorist equip,meant there after his departure. He and all his associates, like the 9/11 suicide bombers, had no  trouble entering and leaving the USA whenever they wanted because they were not on any watch list.

The leaking by the former MI5 agent, especially about the actions by her former lover, MI6 agent David Shayler, abruptly ended there, the rest of the book devoted to their troubles in leaking these details and others to authorities and the media.  While the IFG was licking its wounds from the joint assassination attempt on the Libyan leader’s life, there is nothing about the IFG’s car bomb attacks on the US Embassies in Nairobi and Dars es Salaam in early August 1998. The attacks were intended to show that Al Qaeda and its associates were again focused on hitting targets in Africa, and impeachment-plagued President Clinton took the bait, hitting with missiles locations where Osama was allegedly located in Afghanistan, and a drug factory in the Sudan, allegedly making poison weapons for him.

By this time, Gaddafi had learned what was afoot, and had gotten in February 1998 Interpol to release an arrest warrant for Osama for the killing by the IFG of two German agents n Sirte in 1994, and tried to show that he had done his best in disarming TUNWORTH   by having Libyan TV announce on November 25th that Abdullah Radwan, a partner of the IFG’s leader Abu Abdullah Sadig, was TUNWORTH. He had been identified by film attacking Gaddafi for money from Britain, and had died during the attack or shortly thereafter.

This created a most delicate situation for Al Qaeda.  Khalid was most afraid that any unexpected reports, especially about his scouts Khalid Al-Mihdhar and Mohammed Atta, would tip off Washington that Al Qaeda was again looking into destroying the WTC.  The IFG was opposed to using Al-Liby because he was allegedly dead, and any report to the contrary would force the CIA to break the “third party’ rule about it, forcing  the FBI to investigate where he was, and what he was doing. As a result, the IFG , it seems, selected Khattala, another plotter in the embassy bombings, to take his place as its leading assassin.

It is here that Suzanne Jovin, a Yale senior who was looking to advance her career after graduation. She and several of her classmates, particularly Dalia Hochman, took the Graduate Record Exam, in the early fall, and they both were surprised by how irrelevant it was about what was going on in the world, especially acts of terrorism like the Lockerbie disaster, its blowback, the bomb attack on the WTC, and the growing violence in the UK by both sides – what they also found in the literature they had been studying for it, like the books by Riebling and Urban. Consequently, they started identifying their inadequacies in the hope of coming up with possible topics for their senior theses.

Jovin selected Osama bin Laden, and started questioning faculty and students about him – and soon infiltrated its Muslim Student Association, and she learned from most revealing leaks that he was again in the process of attacking the WTC and other important buildings in Washington, only this time he was going to use hijacked airliners by suicide bombers.  These leaks explain why she was changing the drafts of her thesis for her supervisor, James van de Velde, and why she was looking for the books that she and Hochman had been critically analyzing on the night she was murdered.  It seems she was picked up on Prospect Street on the basis of the false story of where they could be found, only to be taken to the site where she was brutally murdered, apparently by Khattala.

The police and intelligence community did not investigate it in a way it deserved, waiting for those who knew about it, particularly Hochman, and those who witnessed it to solve it for them.

Its success was almost immediately demonstrated by Clinton, who was most concerned about what was going on, ordering another missile strike in Afghanistan in the hope of finally killing Osama, but it failed.

“In the spring of 1999, bin Laden and his  chief… worked out a plan to bring their war to the doorstep of the enemy.  Using large commercial airliners, they would in one swoop bring mass destruction to America’s financial, political and military centers…” (Quoted from James Bamford, The Shadow Factory, p. 11.)

The biggest sufferer over her murder, besides, of course, her parents, was Dalia whose life became such a nightmare that she gave up any plans presented to continue in international relations, and forgot all she could about her years at Yale and New Haven.

Osama, by now Al Qaeda’s figurehead, was only killed in  May 2011 just after Leon Panetta, the retiring Director of Central Intelligence, was moving to the the Pentagon.  Panetta did not want anyone to know how badly he dropped the ball when Jovin was assassinated when he was Clinton’s Chief of Staff.

He was much more interested in killing me for complaining about the White House’s most favorable treatment of Nixon, former DCI Richard Helms, and Al ‘Deep Throat’ Haig than the murderers of Suzanne.





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20 03 2017
Trowbridge H. Ford

Now Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal has descended to profane comments about Donald Trumps firing of all those US Attorneys, especially tha one for Connecticut Deirdre Daly who I know personally helped keep covered up for the party elites the brutal murder of Suzanne Jovin who apparently revealed the 9/11 attacks before they happened.

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29 03 2017

Is Sen. Blumenthal any relation to Hillary’s brain, Blumenthal?


28 03 2017
Trowbridge H. Ford

Now the warfare over the US Attorneys is out in the open with Reuters claiming that Trump triggered it because all those Democrat US Attorneys, especially those in Washington and Hawaii, opposed his travel directives, leaving out all the crimes, like the US murders of Suzanne Jovin, John P. Wheeler, III ,and Ali-Resa Pahlavi, which Democrat US Attorneys have kept covered up.

Perhaps matters will change with the trial of Ahmer Abu Khattela.


1 04 2017

other topic …. WikiLeaks published the CIA organizational chart …


4 12 2018
Trowbridge H. Ford

Today is the 20th anniversary to this terrorist attack, and still no solution to the murder because of stubborn American incompetence

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4 12 2018

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20 Years Ago:


28 10 2019
More on Bin Laden Kill Story Psy-Op – Files Scrubbed | flying cuttlefish picayune

[…] The Unsolved Murder of Yale Student Suzanne Jovin‏ Getting Away With Suzanne Jovin’s Murder Was Osama Bin Laden’s Biggest Coup: Helps Explain His Own Belated Murder And The Disposal Of His Body At Sea by Trowbridge Ford […]


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