Engineering Disaster Alert: Boone Dam, Tennessee

3 03 2015

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6 03 2015

That’s a great picture! Pretty scary to think of all of these things. I think there was an old book called “Our Living Earth” or “Our Living Planet”. All of those dams are getting old too. How many nuclear reactors are downstream? Three or four? It’s strange that most of us don’t think about concrete having a lifespan though it should be as clear as the nose on our faces. I recall how shocked I was to learn that concrete has a lifespan. Subsidence is something that many don’t think of either. Hope that you and Walter are doing well. Was just thinking of you both. There are a whole bunch of NRC deadlines coming up – concrete, allowing Holtec to store damaged fuel rods in flimsy containers (or not), radiation exposure, especially to the eyes. EPA rules for ISL were just added. I sniff the need for something bigger than Watergate to come out.
Did you know about the role that the UAW and Walter Reuther played in trying to stop Fermi near Detroit? They fought it out from 1956 to 61. They warned of everything. I’m glad that Dana’s getting his moment in the sun, though it is dangerous work he’s doing.


7 03 2015

yeah, we are all doing all we can…
and many getting paid off.


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