Arctic Methane Emergency

24 03 2015

Arctic Methane Emergency: Methane released by the Gigaton!

10 x the methane known on Earth today being released!






3 responses

27 03 2015

Also, all of those old radionuclides from weapons testing and other accidents being released with melting.

27 03 2015

they did that up in the Arctic?

28 03 2015

Yes, for sure the big Russia ones but the air and water currents are such that everything seems to end up in the Arctic. There was an underground test in Alaska which is leaking too. And, there was a mini-nuclear accident in the Arctic at some research station. Remember a lot of Chernobyl ended up in Norway. Old mining up there too. Also the old Russian subs. Probably a lot of stuff is frozen and will get lose along with the methane. Mercury from old mines too. Very sad. You know in Canada people roll the maple syrup out on the snow.

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