Boone Dam in Tenn. Worsens! Above Some Nuke Plants

5 05 2015



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7 05 2015

This is really scary. Thanks for keeping on top of it. Just this and Chernobyl could finish off N. America and Europe and there are so many other things wrong with the reactors and waste handling.

7 05 2015

a lot on the fire around Chernobyl if you scroll down ….

8 05 2015

Thanks. On sidebar or within posts? I will use you as a resource when I have time to get back to the Chernobyl topic, which may not be for months. You are my external brain. Right now am on melting emergency water pipes in Mo – approved for a nuclear power station owned-run by a man from India and signed off at the NRC by two from India. Wonder if they are from the same home-town? Holtec’s Kris Singh claims kin with the father of the SC gov Nikki Haley. What galls me on Chernobyl is that only Russia RT News was reporting-giving updates in English about the recent fires and it is Russia that caused Chernobyl and did so much cover-up and they probably set the recent fires, if they were arson. Greenpeace Russia and Greenpeace Brazil reported. Greenpeace UK didn’t bother to report until a couple of hours after me in the afternoon in the UK, after I said where are they. But, Greenpeace didn’t do updates. Also there are peat fires along the Chernobyl fallout patch in Russia and only Greenpeace Russia reports. Yes, Ukraine reports some in Ukrainian but it is hard to tell who is who on their news. People need up to the minute updates and not days or years later after the shit has fallen on them like WIPP too. That rad smoke can go on through Europe too in the air and fall in the rain and it’s not fair that people aren’t told. WIPP went all over the US and no one knows where. It might still be spewing. Probably the Guardian reported the Chernobyl fires but anything reported was too late and/or not updated. Also reactor fires. If you find out 3 days later it’s like – oh, shit, did I go out? Which way was the wind blowing? Was it raining? Gee I knew I shouldn’t have walked that day, but people have to go outside! It’s too late after the fact and better not to even know. I bet there are accidents all the time and who would know? At the same time Chernobyl forest was burning there was a fire or something in Belgium. They will never tell if they can get out of it, it seems. The same incompetents who built screwed up Flamanville are at the Chernobyl cover (e.g. EDF and I think Bouygues also) and crooked Kris Singh of Holtec got the dry cask contracts. Grrrr.

8 05 2015

nukenado, in the top tabs, gets you quick link to Zapzyzzzz?? NPP troubles and Chernobyl fire ‘update’. I cannot spell first one.
Chernobyl fire info does lag.
Leuren Moret has local sources for her info which she updates. She sent me the alert about Nev. burn plan.


8 05 2015


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