A zip of the JFK murder with Pepsi cola

2 06 2015

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The front page of The Dallas Times Herald — November 21, 1963: Richard Nixon photographed with Pepsi Cola President Donald Kendall in Dallas, Texas on the day before the murder of President Kennedy. The newspaper caption reads: “NIXON TODAY … JFK TOMORROW — Former Vice President Richard M. Nixon, left, found himself in Dallas on a ‘quick business trip’ Thursday on the eve of President Kennedy’s visit to the city. With Mr. Nixon is Don Kendall, president of Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. Mr. Nixon’s New York law partnership represents the soft drink company.”

Linking Nixon, Bush, Murchison and Kendall

I was reflecting on the Dear Don memo of june 1963 from Nixon to Pepsi CEO Donald Kendall, that Russ Baker discovered in the Nixon library:

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19 04 2016

This is of interest – from Jeff Rense.
Even if you don’t like his take on JFK or his guests’ view … this set of 5 radio programs has a LOT of JFK era audio tape clips.

I found the thing worth while… but even if you don’t like the concept of forward and backward tape playing the normal recordings tell a lot.
The stuff about LBJ and gambling rings in Texas (paying tribute to him) is news.
Also interesting is loathsome LBJ being so nonplussed in his speaking voice immediately after the assassination.

Hard to decide who to dislike more, LBJ or Hoover.
Maybe a tie.


20 04 2016
18 05 2016

Blogger Who Tried To Connect CRUZ’S DAD With Lee Harvey Oswald Found DEAD


19 05 2016
Trowbridge h. Ford

The apparent suicide of Gary Welsh is interesting, probably just because he couldn’t take the heat by raising the likely connection, it still doesn’t change what was going on in New Orleans in the summer of 1963, whether it be he, or what The Nation Enquirer or Donald Trump claim.

It could be proven by an inquiry which examined the records, and the people involved in The Fair Play for Cuba Committee.

I think it would show that the co-worker with LHO was Rafael Cruz, and his son Ted should be most concerned with the Agency setting his father up as just another commie double agent if things had gone as planned in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

Some welcome for an anti-communist refugee from Castro’s Cuba.

Would have made him look like a precursor of the Manhattan 11.

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20 05 2016

On Nixon (not JFK related)
This video says the Nixon-Frost famous interview was “scripted by the Pentagon”. Says the interview was to divert away from Nixon’s kill list.
I don’t recall kill list ever coming to light but in The Halderman Diaries it seems like what they would cook up. It may be in there.
video at 26:45 min. mark-


25 12 2017

This may not have the best info but it contains some good, rare footage :


28 01 2017


31 12 2017
JFK’s Warning on Secret Societies | flying cuttlefish picayune

[…] •A zip of the JFK murder with Pepsi cola […]


31 12 2017
3 07 2019

How Pepsi Once Became The World’s 6th Largest Military


3 07 2019


3 07 2019

“…sold the fleet for recycling…”
Uh huh,
But maybe just one sub was serviceable, and now Blofeld
and the rest of the SPECTRE gang can operate their own
trans-national cola gunboat diplomacy for Pepsi.

On the Dallas shooting:
Anybody notice how they suppressed
“The Men who Killed Kennedy” TV series?
It provided lots of good stuff to destroy the whitewash
of the Warren Commission. Arlen Spector, Gerald Ford…
Norman Mailer tickled a lot of secret-history no-nos in
his book Harlot’s Ghost, mob-Cuba-CIA-Kennedy-Skull-n-Bones,
Saint JFK wanted to stop the Federal Reserve and true subversion
of our nation by these international forces which control
your property, your money, your food and water.
They killed him and scum like LBJ took the satanic prize.
poor guy.


3 07 2019

I think that “recycle” scrap metal story is all hooey. Probably gave Argentina a secret navy. … or similar country.


21 04 2022


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