What Beau Biden Knew – by Trowbridge H. Ford

4 06 2015

The real test for James Comey’s FBI now is whether it will pursue Vice President Joe Biden’s confession that his son Beau, the former Delaware Attorney General, had been his redemption in covering up, it seems, the vicious murder of John P. Wheeler back in December 2010.

Beau Biden stonewalled what the NSA’s Special Collection Service had done to Wheeler for leaking what it was doing to Iran because of its continuing development apparently of a nuclear weapons capability – what Joe Biden had assisted [with] around Wilmington.

He and other covert officials had even welcomed the arrival of kidnapped Iranian arms dealer Amir Ardeibili when he was brought to Delaware.

Then Wheeler was set up for murder by acting as if Shah heir, Ali Resa Pahlsvi, who was subsequently murdered, it seems, wanted to meet him in Wilmington about what Washington was doing covertly to Iran.

The unsolved murder stinks so much that Senator Ted Cruz just joked about it, saying that all one had to do is ask someone about the Vice President, and one would get a laugh without stating the punch line – what Cruz has now apologized for as if he didn’t know about Beau’s redeeming character for Joe before Beau died.

Washington is just a political sewer, and the Bureau should start cleaning it up too.





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4 06 2015

The FBI is too busy cleaning up FIFA to attend to small matters like secret wars and Washington hits and corrupt D.A. offices …..

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7 06 2015
Trowbridge h. Ford

Now President Obama has joined the Vice President by confessing that Beau Biden, as Delaware’s Attorney General, has borne some of his burden, apparently by sealing the investigation of Wheeler’s murder as a matter of national security.

Wonder how Wheeler’s widow feels about the US government making out that the Iranians did it when it was just another American mission to silence leakers?

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12 12 2016

more at the end of this article on #pizzagate –


“. . . Pedophile influence and gay silence were so pervasive along the Eastern Shore that Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden refused to run as a shoo-in candidate in the by-election for his father’s vacated senatorial seat in order to prosecute Earl Bradley. The younger Biden, who in childhood was injured in the head-on car collision that killed his mother and older sister, understood that life is serious and not some meaningless game. He could not watch further harm done to innocent children. His undivided dedication, knowing the dark forces he was up against, resulted in 14 life sentences for the child rapist.

Before the verdict, however, Beau Biden suffered an unexpected relapse following earlier surgery for a brain lesion. He was then given massive radiation “therapy” at Bethesda hospital, and died of complications from a brain tumor in 2015. Current medical opinion indicates that brain tumors usually do not kill the patient if treated in time, and he was under close observation by his doctor. Beau Biden should still be alive and well. Something was rotten in Delaware. – See more at: http://www.rense.com/general96/pizzapimps.htm#sthash.y6hBmqu6.dpuf


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