Ukraine – Radioactive Waste Leaking – Donetsk < UPDATED

22 06 2015

Radioactive waste materials leaking from a storage site in the Donetsk

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Kiev forces are concerned over the possibility of radioactive waste materials leaking from a storage site in the Donetsk area in Ukraine’s southeast, Ukrainian Maj. Gen. Andriy Taran said.

The statement explained that an explosion that occurred at a Donetsk chemical factory on June 16 could have led to damages at the radiation storage site as it triggered the detonation of underground ammunition depots. . . (more)

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More on Ukraine’s

UPDATE, June 26

Dr, Leuren Moret says it isn’t nuke waste –

On Sunday February 8, 2015, at 10:50 PM local time, an unprecedented nuclear attack by Ukrainian government troops occurred in the city of Donetsk. The TOCHKA-U (SS-21 SCARAB) Soviet-era short range ballistic missile, armed with an AA-60 nuclear warhead with a selectable yield of 10-100 kt, was one of 50 TOCHKA-U missiles left in the Ukraine military arsenal after the collapse of the Soviet Union. For comparison the Hiroshima bomb had a yield of 20 kt, the first nuclear bomb to be dropped on a human population in Japan in 1945. [see FIG. 22]  Source: J. Phillips, ”Did a tactical nuke just go off in Ukraine, big explosion rocks Donetsk”, Epoch Times, Feb. 8, 2015.

TOCHKA-U BALLISTIC MISSILE ATTACK ON CITY OF DONETSK:  The TOCHKA-U ballistic missile was armed with a nuclear warhead, that detonated in a partially wooded industrial area, 1000 meters (0.6 mile) from the Donetsk State Factory of Chemical Products, in the Donetsk district of Kuibishevsky [FIG. 2(a)]. The nuclear blast left a crater 9.1 meter (30’) deep and 50 meters (164’) wide [FIG. 2(b)]. Trees surrounding the crater were stripped of leaves and snapped off like matchsticks from the powerful blast [FIG. 2(b), 21]. The high-energy shock wave shattered windows all over Donetsk, and was felt 30 km (18.6 miles) away. . . . ( more + maps etc.)






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26 06 2015

This blog is of interest to Ukraine watchers –


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