Gamma-Spectroscopy Results of Colorado Radioactive Freak Rain: Fukushima’s Fissioning Mini-Sun on the Edge of the Pacific Ocean is COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL

7 07 2015

Not All Alleged Is Apparent…


There was an atmospheric jet stream pattern on June 14, 2015, with a local slow-down condition, which I suspected would make it possible to test my hypothesis right here where I am in Southern Colorado:  that the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Catastrophe Site on the edge of the Pacific Ocean is still having actual nuclear fission reactions.  If that were the case, then that jet stream would likely deliver at least a few fission-tell-tale traces of radioisotopes, I reasoned.  So I had rainwater, sampled at that specific moment, analyzed in a professional lab.  The detected amounts are what’s technically called “non-detect” (below the Minimum Detectable Amount), but the mixture of isotopes identified to be present in that sample is beyond disturbing:

The raw data of gamma spectroscopy of this June 14, 2015 Colorado rainwater sample show clearly that specific radioactive decay energies were detected, indicating the presence of Americium-241, Cerium-144, Cesium-134/137, Cobalt-60, Europium-152/154/155, Iodine-131, Manganese-54, Niobium-94/95, Ruthenium-106, Zink-65 and various other troubling synthetic radionuclides.   





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