Questions Stephen Hawking Won’t Answer on Reddit

29 07 2015

Item: Stephen Hawking on Reddit: Ask Him a Question on Artificial Intelligence

The Reddit page to ask him a question is highly sanitized. Any question for the top scientist on the top scientific question of the day, “How to we save Earth from Fukushima radiation?”, gets tossed.

So let’s ask in comments here –


FC’s Question:


Mr. Hawking, Thank you for your bold stance on AI.

Can you give an opinion on why the highest science resources haven't been utilized to address the planet-threatening multiple melt-downs in Japan?
AI and other tools could have been a big help in the beginning. Linking many computers together to help with climate study has been a help in that field but was never done for this problem.
People worldwide are concerned.
Also, at this point, is it too late to stop the chain-reactions there?






4 responses

29 07 2015

And another one –
You say “I signed an open letter earlier this year imploring researchers to balance the benefits of AI with the risks. The letter acknowledges that AI might one day help eradicate disease and poverty, but it also puts the onus on scientists at the forefront of this technology to keep the human factor front and center of their innovations….”

So wouldn’t the human factor include addressing runaway radiation spewing from multiple melt-downs/melt-outs at Fukushima?
Shouldn’t science innovations be directed at saving our planet?

29 07 2015

Maybe, since your chat with the public is sponsored by Nokia (now owned by nuke power pusher, Bill Gates’ Microsoft) you have to avoid the nuke issue.

29 07 2015

Hawhins as with Brian Cox both having great influence as popular science commentators having both failed on contributing to social ills that plague our planet and both becoming pop stars seeking popularity for themselves? it is now time for them to contribute to dealing with unbridled corruption and if possible bring this in to focus within the realm of science as part of the world we have to bear that many detest the wide spread injustice and depravity that now exists in particular by the governing elite and also the general public are not free from their culpability.

29 07 2015

And so many in the science community could speak out on all issues around pollution (radioactive and other types) and infant mortality and birthrates and disease rates and they won’t say a peep!
FAS,org has a very wimpy message on Fukushima and hasn’t any updated facts on it. They must be getting ‘donations’ (shut-up money)!

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