2 Chemical Plant Explosions in France in July

24 08 2015

French police investigate chemical plant explosions

The incident occurred near a military base where grenades and explosives were stolen last week.

MARSEILLE , France, July 15 (UPI) — An electronic device was found Wednesday near the site of the explosion of two petrochemical tanks in southern France.

The nighttime explosions at the Barre-l’Etang refinery near Marseille airport, owned by the American Lyondellbasell chemical company, caused a fire which burned for hours, and a black cloud of smoke which could be seen for miles. No injuries were reported.


“Police sources said the device, which may have started the fires Tuesday in two large tanks, one filled with oil, the other with the petroleum distillate naphtha, is under investigation. The two tanks are over a quarter-mile apart. The incident was previously described as malicious, and occurred 19 miles from the Mirimas military munitions camp where grenades, detonators and explosives were stolen last week.”

LINK –  http://youtu.be/RS9wDJAeEew

LINK –   http://youtu.be/rO2UuYwXMiI


Pivot to WW3




One response

24 08 2015

BBC – France explosions: Devices found near Berre-L’Etang plant

“Police sources revealed on Wednesday that they were analysing an electronic device found at the site that could start a fire.

Prosecutor Dominique Moyal said later that a second device of a similar type had been found on a third tank. The device had caused damage to the tank but had failed to ignite its contents.

Holes in the perimeter fence near one of the tanks were also being investigated.”

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