BREAKING: Explosion at Shandong, China Chemical Plant

31 08 2015

Blast reported at chemical plant in northern China

“BEIJING – An explosion shook a chemical plant in the eastern Chinese province of Shandong, state media said on Tuesday, though there were no immediate reports of casualties in a country on edge after blasts killed more than 145 people last month.

A single “loud” blast occurred at the plant in Dongying shortly before midnight, state radio said on its official Weibo microblog, showing pictures of the explosion in what appeared to be a fairly remote industrial area.”

Blast Seen in Chemical Industry Zone in Shandong, Daily Reports

“An explosion was seen and heard in a chemical-industry zone in eastern China’s Shandong province at 11:25 p.m. local time on Monday, People’s Daily reported via Twitter.”









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1 09 2015

1 dead after explosion hits another chemical plant in Shandong
story + photos:

25 09 2015
4 09 2015
7 09 2015

Will Vladivostok, Russia be NEXT??

” Russia aims at creating a major transportation and industrial hub around Vladivostok to serve the entire Asia-Pacific…”

11 09 2015

You gotta take a look at this.


How have they kept the awesome revelations from Bucegi Mountain so secret?

Cosmic Convergence Research Group

CCRG Editor’s Note
Truly, if ever there was a story that could liberate humankind from its incarcerated past, the otherworldly intra-mountain complex and tunnel system in the BUCEGI MOUNTAINS is it.

The very few, yet stunning, disclosures which have thus far been leaked about this vast storehouse of ultra-secret Earth history, applied extraterrestrial technology and highly advanced scientific knowledge are nothing short of paradigm-shattering. As in every paradigm currently operating on Planet Earth … bar none!

Dear Reader and Seeker of the Truth, if you read one story today, or this week, or this month, let this be the one. Although it is a lengthy discourse, it is the product of years of authoritative research and serious investigation. The author has done humanity an extraordinary service in this labor of love. He, she or they have painstakingly constructed a cogent and compelling case for the direct Ancient Alien involvement in the affairs of human civilizations over millennia.

11 09 2015

hmmmm …. just glancing through it looks similar in theme to author of “Financial Vipers of Venice” site –

His interviews on YT repeat theme that maps Columbus used to go to new world (a slave hunt) were really, really old maps pillaged from Persia in crusades. And map-makers unknown.

11 09 2015

Farrell is a marrano posing as a Christian

11 09 2015

I think he is my favorite Martian!
But I do like his history of Venice banking book!

11 09 2015

“The powers that be seem more interested in hushing everyone up”: One Censored Account of a Tianjin Explosion Survivor

The incident occurred around 11:40 p.m. on Aug. 12. Only my mother joined me at home; my father had been sent to Shenzhen [a large city distant from Tianjin] for a long-term work assignment. She was asleep when it happened, and I was lying in bed chatting on Wechat with friends. My bed faces a large window directly, so I could see the sky clearly. I was typing on my phone when I suddenly saw the sky light up. I put my phone down and looked again. Then, in an instant, the whole sky became orange, followed right afterwards by the loudest, most frightening sound I’d ever heard in my life. My window was blown out into shards of glass flying toward me. I didn’t see it clearly, because I’d turned on my side and used my hands and arms to cover my head. After that, everything was instinct. I grabbed a nearby pillow and held it on top of me, in case there was an aftershock (which never came). Then, one more fierce exploding sound.

It felt a bit hot near my left shoulder, so I touched it with my hand and found blood everywhere. I heard my mother shouting at me to come out. I was already in shock, and my whole body was stiff, and I wasn’t aware of how serious my injuries were. My mother had to come in, walking across the glass-covered floor, and pulled me out of bed into the hallway toward her room. I felt dizzy and cold. I looked down and the clothes on my left side were all red. As I lay across my mother’s bed, she ran to turn off the electrical circuit — she thought we’d been hit by lightning.

Lying there on the bed, I felt blood streaming from my clavicle. It wouldn’t stop. It suddenly dawned on me that if my aorta had been injured, I was done. I wasn’t afraid, I just had a very clear and grim thought: I am going to die.

11 09 2015

I think it is a matter of time before victims figure out this was no industrial accident!

12 09 2015

I just discovered my blog is carried in Poland! 🙂
It showed up on the visitor list.

Here Comes The Sun

Edgar Cayce Was Right: The HALL OF RECORDS is the Single Most Important Discovery of the Millennium
More Crimean Pyramids Discovered-They Appear All Over The Place (65 Million Years Old)
“Military Activities” Mysteriously Impede U.S. Aerial Surveillance Until October 1st
Latest On Brit Well Connected Pedophiles, Epstein + Dershowitz Quagmire Gets Deeper
Germany Must Perish
The Carefully Calculated Mass Migration Agenda
The False Flag Review! (To Be Updated Periodically)
Google Reveals The Winged Globe
Royal Sex II
11-000 Year Old Wooden Shigar Man Discovered In Russia Standing 17.5 Feet Tall With Carved Hieroglyphics
Massive Troll Campaign Underway Against Newly Converted Truthers

12 09 2015

Fatrell points out 95% of old tablets in Summarian etc. are sitting around untranslated.
Probably more treasure-troves out there.

12 09 2015

Oh Yeah, Israel walked in and took the Dead Sea Scrolls off Jordan’s hands long ago. There are only two copies of the Essene Gospel, one is buried in the vatican cellar, but the other one to their chagrin turned up in the Austrian museum where it was translated.

Some of the real words of Jesus here and they sound about what any Vedic swami, American Indian, Yogi, holistic doctor or Buddhist would say.

Just discovered I am under attack by the midnight march, torch and chain crew again. Don’t know if they will print my response.

12 09 2015

[sorry yer post was delayed in showing … WP is in censorship mode]

13 09 2015

My computer is slowed to a crawl and it is an IMAC with 20 gigs of memory.

13 09 2015

I keep getting fits and halts on all you tube vids I’ve looked at on 9-11 anniv.
Plus they are really screwing with G00gle searches and hiding things that used to be easy to find!

Twice I got super slow down this week but it turned out to be MSN updated getting loaded in the background.

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