Webster Tarpley Exposes Carly Fiorina’s Fake Biography + More

25 09 2015

From his website –
GOP Candidate Carly Fiorina Born Cara Carleton Sneed Unmasked as Top Spook, Pathological Liar and Protegée of NSA and CIA Boss Michael Hayden; Carly Holds Top Secret Security Clearance; Downsizing and Runaway Shop Queen Attended Posh London Private School; Father Was Elitist Dean of Duke University Law School and Federal Appellate Judge; Claim She Started as Secretary Is a Tissue of Lies; Her Candidacy Raises Issue of Intelligence Community Asset in the White House

“Fiorina’s father was Joseph Tyree Sneed, III who would become the dean of Duke University School of Law, a Deputy Attorney General, and a judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Readers are reminded that the only judicial level higher than the circuit appellate court is the Supreme Court; this would make Carly’s father an incredibly influential and well-connected individual. Carly went to the posh all-girls Channing School in London and then to Stanford University. It is likely that Carly’s story of starting as a humble secretary came as a result of her father pressuring her to taking up a job with Kelly Girls, which she did during the summer as a student at Stanford. After dropping out of law school at UCLA and she moved on to business school and then to her well publicized career as an asset stripper and wrecker of companies like Lucent and Hewlett-Packard.”

lots more: http://tarpley.net/carly-fiorina-unmasked-as-top-spook-pathological-liar-and-protegee-of-nsa-and-cia-boss-hayden/

More Dirt:

Carly Fiorina’s troubling telecom past

(Fortune) Lucent and its major competitors all started goosing sales by lending money to their customers. In a neat bit of accounting magic, money from the loans began to appear on Lucent’s income statement as new revenue while the dicey debt got stashed on its balance sheet as an allegedly solid asset…

Soon after Fiorina left, the company began to collapse. Eventually its shares crashed to less than $1 and in 2006 the company merged with Alcatel…

Much of the decline in Lucent’s stock price was inevitable—a mania for all telecom investments in the late 1990s raised shares in every big telecom equipment maker to irrational heights. Yet it’s hard to shake the feeling that the company’s wild pursuit of growth gave it much further to fall.

Carly Fiorina’s $4 Billion Job Scam at Hewlett-Packard

(Michael Daly, The Daily Beast) As CEO, she lobbied for a tax holiday on corporate profits to create jobs. Instead, the money was used to buy back stock while HP fired 14,500 workers.

Yale professor on Carly Fiorina’s business record: She ‘destroyed half the wealth of her investors yet still earned almost $100 million’

(Julie Bort, Business Insider) Fiorina better be careful because her biggest business achievement, CEO of Hewlett-Packard, is widely regarded as a disaster.

She has been frequently called out as one of the “worst” CEOs.

In an article about worst CEOs in USA Today in 2005, Yale business Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld said that Fiorina was “the worst because of her ruthless attack on the essence of this great company. … She destroyed half the wealth of her investors and yet still earned almost $100 million in total payments for this destructive reign of terror.”

Black Mark for Fiorina Campaign in Criticizing Yale Dean

(New York Times) Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, an associate dean at the Yale School of Management and an expert on corporate leadership … [has] a long history of colorful criticism of Mrs. Fiorina…  His criticism has been similar to those offered by many business analysts and journalists: that Mrs. Fiorina increased the overall size of H.P. by expanding in unprofitable businesses, which caused profits to shrink and shareholder value to decline…

Mrs. Fiorina’s campaign responded with a personal attack against Mr. Sonnenfeld.

“I’ll give Sonnenfeld this: He would know something about getting fired,” wrote Sarah Isgur Flores, Mrs. Fiorina’s deputy campaign manager, in an email to reporters. “Of course, his was for vandalism of school property while he was at Emory.”

But that accusation does not hold up…

Emory withdrew its vandalism allegations 15 years ago.

Fiorina’s Unsupported Claim about VA Deaths

(FactCheck.org) Carly Fiorina on several occasions has said 307,000 veterans have died while waiting for care from the Veterans Health Administration. In one instance, she said all of those veterans “died in the last year,” citing a recent inspector general’s report. But that’s not what the report says.

The VA Office of the Inspector General report said 307,173 of nearly 867,000 pending VA applications belonged to individuals who died. But poor record-keeping made it impossible to say how many of them died while waiting for care or how many of them even applied for care.

The report also said 84 percent of those who died, or 258,367 individuals, died more than four years ago — not last year.

Fiorina reinvents another story

(Undernews) Tim Mak, Daily Beast – When presidential candidate Carly Fiorina warns about Vladimir Putin’s charm, and wit, she’s speaking from experience. In the early days of the Russian leader’s presidency, Fiorina hailed him as an agent of positive change after meeting with him briefly at a conference of global business leaders—a far departure from the tough-on-Putin image she has presented on the campaign trail.

Carly Fiorina’s Planned Parenthood lies get a giant pass from the media

(Laura Clawson, Daily Kos) Fiorina vividly described scenes from an anti-Planned Parenthood video, only the scenes she described don’t actually exist, as far as anyone can tell.

According to CNN, this fabrication was ”true but misleading.” Except for the part where it was false. The New York Times has a special take on it as well, headlined Carly Fiorina Said to Exaggerate Content of Planned Parenthood Video. Said to?

Planned Parenthood: Carly Fiorina cooks up fake video to ‘prove’ her lies

(Joan McCarter, Daily Kos) According to a press release from Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), Fiorina’s campaign created [a] fake video “in an attempt to support her lies.”

Even with all of the editing and splicing Fiorina’s team has done with the footage used in this video, “it doesn’t show what you have claimed,” Dawn Laguens, Executive Vice President of PPFA writes Fiorina. “Simply put, the video you described at the debate does not exist, and the video you’re now asking people to watch is not what you claim it is.” Laguens asks Fiorina in the letter to take down the video.




3 responses

27 09 2015

Ya cuttle, I watched in real time as she destroyed HP. I used to buy a LOT of HP stuff, and under her watch HP dumbed down devices to the point that they didn’t even function anymore.

I won’t vote for that persona

27 09 2015

They worked like dogs to build that company … a lot left Stanford area and moved to Boise to make a career …. and she stomped on them all!

29 04 2016

Before the weird announcement of Fiorina to Cruz Veep post this story is making the rounds –
Did Ted Cruz Pay ‘Hush Money’ to Carly Fiorina Over #CruzSexScandal?

Of Interest –
New York magazine – Donald Trump’s Alliance With the National Enquirer
“Trump and Enquirer CEO David Pecker have been friends for years. “

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