China Explosion Again – Deadly “Parcel Bombs” in Liuzhou

30 09 2015

L.A. Times Parcel bombs rock southern Chinese county, killing 7, injuring 50

Explosions rocked a shopping mall, a county government office, a supermarket, a hospital and about a dozen other locations in the southern Chinese county of Liucheng on Wednesday, killing at least seven people and injuring more than 50, local media reports said.

The blasts – which damaged buildings and overturned cars — were apparently caused by parcels that began detonating shortly before 4 p.m., a local police official told state-run China Central Television.

Up to 60 other suspicious packages were identified and were being turned over to the local bomb squad for investigation, state-run media said. Police sent text messages to local residents not to open packages. . . . (more)

Chaos and concern as 7 killed after 15 letter bombs eplodes in China

BEIJING, Oct 1 — Seven people were killed yesterday when 15 letter bombs exploded in southern China, state media said, with blasts reported in multiple locations including government offices.

Police described the blasts, which injured 51 people on the eve of China’s national day, as a “criminal case”, ruling out a “terrorist act”

They said a 33-year-old local suspect had been arrested but gave no immediate explanations regarding his motive. . .

. . . Pictures showed portions of six-storey buildings gutted and collapsed, and streets littered with glass, bricks and other debris. . . . (more)








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Pivot to WW3




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1 10 2015

NY TimesOfficials Seek Quarry Worker in Southern China Bombings

” . . . On Thursday, the newspaper Southern Metropolis Daily said the parcel bombs had been detonated in two ways. In some cases, people were reportedly hired to deliver the packages, which exploded upon being opened. In other cases, the bombs appeared to have been detonated by remote control, including one that exploded in the dormitory of the Liucheng Animal Husbandry Bureau, which caused the building to partly collapse, killing several people, the newspaper said.”

1 10 2015


New Explosion Hits China’s Liuzhou City Just a Day After 17 Blasts

[ has video ]

2 10 2015
2 10 2015
3 10 2015

China orders tighter mail security following mail bombings

NY TimesSuspect in Southern China Bombings Died in Blast, Police Say
(just like 7-7 tube bombings)

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