New Orleans Area Nuke Plant has Problems

12 10 2015

From Mining Awareness

Unidentified Problem Impacting Nuclear Reactor Control Rod Insert Speed? Change the Rules; Hide Info Under Guise of Proprietary Rts; Until Nov. 9th to File Request for Public Hearing-Petition to Intervene for Waterford Near New Orleans

Entergy, which owns-operates Waterford Nuclear Power Station, asked the US NRC for an increase in CEA (Control Element Assembly) drop time, to match changes which have recently occurred at Waterford. In other words, they wish to change the technical specifications to match whatever’s wrong, rather than finding and fixing the problem (if it’s even fixable).

Entergy stated that they do not “expect” the condition to worsen, even though they are not quiet sure of the cause.

What is very strange, however, is that the NRC opted to give a longer drop time than Entergy was asking for in April (their official July request cannot be found, though)! Why? Did the NRC make a typo or what is being hidden?

Meanwhile, Westinghouse (owned by Toshiba) is hiding information from the public, which seems important, by calling it proprietary. Furthermore, Waterford’s new reactor pressure vessel head replacement seems to have been made by Westinghouse (Toshiba). . . . (more + contact NRC info)

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12 10 2015

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13 10 2015
13 10 2015

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16 10 2015

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