Breaking: Tianjin China HIT AGAIN! < UPDATED

13 10 2015

8th blast
in two months rocks China: Tianjin port city hit again, two months after fatal explosion

The official Xinhua News Agency reported Tuesday that a blast hit a warehouse for alcohol materials in the city Monday night and started a fire.
It’s the 8th such blast to hit China in two months, similar blast have hit Japan twice, one a US military base, Russia and the US in recent weeks!


Warehouse blast rattles Tianjin, two months after an explosion in the Chinese port city killed 165 people < has PHOTO

New Chemical Explosion in Tianjin < story includes new censorship rules

Blast rocks Chinese port 2 months after fatal explosions

“Tianjin police said they detained the owner of a chemical company that illegally rented a private warehouse from an area resident to store chemicals. The resident, identified by his family name, Huo, was also detained, police said.”

Who owns the warehouse?

Massive volumes of chemicals stocked at yet another Tianjin warehouse that exploded

The warehouse stored about 3,000 kilograms of alcohol, 1,000 kilograms of acetic aid, 800 kilograms of glycerinum, 500 kilograms of sodium hydroxide and 500 kilograms of potassium hydroxide, according to the district environment protection bureau.
Alcohol, together with acetic aid and glycerinum, are flammable chemicals.
Data from the local environmental protection bureau showed there was no ammonia and hydrothion.
But four milligrams per cubic meter of carbon monoxide was found, measuring up to air quality standards.

2 people nabbed for new Tianjin warehouse fire

The explosion was “at a warehouse owned by the Tianjin Yong Sheng Fine Chemical Co Ltd in Xiditou township, Beichen district.”

Is the guy arrested this guy?  a warehouse manager   – or this guy?  “Yanfang Huo, (Assoc. Prof., School of Management, Tianjin University, Tianjin, China” Huo may be a common name in China. There’s a lubricant company headed by a Huo. They just did a deal using the Crlyle Group – “investment for the transaction will come from Carlyle Asia Partners IV“.

On the Yong Sheng Fine Chemicals – some are used in this nuke medicine research –

The radionuclides 18F and 131I were obtained in the form of 2-18-fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose (18F-FDG) and Na131I. 18F-FDG was produced by cyclotron (GE Industries Inc., USA) and FDG reagent kit (ABX, Germany). Na131I was purchased from Chengdu Gaotong Isotope Co., Ltd. (China). For the synthesis of REMPs, NaF was purchased from Tianjin Yong Sheng Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Y(NO3)3, Yb(NO3)3 and Er(NO3)3 were purchased from Alfa Aesar (UK). All chemicals were analytical-grade reagents and were used without further purification.

From – Enhancement of Cerenkov Luminescence Imaging by Dual Excitation of Er3+, Yb3+-Doped Rare-Earth Microparticles [PDF]

Pivot to WW3




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13 10 2015

[ Yu T00b is removing my vids from comments, but they are online 🙂 ]

16 10 2015

The location of the warehouse seems to be chemical hell –

China “cancer village” pays ultimate price for growth

“Once an isolated haven, the Chinese village of Liukuaizhuang is now a tainted hell, surrounded by scores of low-tech factories that are poisoning its water and air, and the health of many villagers.

One in fifty people there and in a neighboring hamlet have been diagnosed with cancer over the last decade, local residents say, well over ten times the national rate given in a health ministry survey earlier this year.”

16 10 2015
16 10 2015

On that chemical experiment and the ingredients used from the blown up lab –
this is what Dr. Leuren Moret said –

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