Censorship at Lake FUBAR! < UPDATED

25 10 2015

Due to spy-bots and heavy censorship I have to explain why the blog about the situation in the oil rig state with crayfish festivals and a skinny neck governor is OFF the web – – – –


I will try and get it back up and running as soon as I can. Can’t even use useful words on this blog to describe anything since they will boot the F.C. blog next! They use spy bots to search for ‘certain’ words etc. in the blog posts.


UPDATED [ Sunday p.m. ] –

The Bugle is BACK!

Thanks everybody for helping! It looks like my reply to the hosting co. worked.







4 responses

25 10 2015

is on the right side bar (link) —->

25 10 2015

Just to let you know, I couldn’t get into this blog post to read the comments or to comment without going into the previous post and comments and hit “next” to get here. Hope this posts… Also, that’s what I had to do on The Bugle for the past week. Good luck with all this! You are needed…

25 10 2015

I am working on getting it back. I put in a reply to them that I didn’t break Terms of Service etc.

25 10 2015

Here is the solution: WP sent me a note after the blog was back up that there was a tech issue around my browser having too many cookies saved in the cache and it made me look (to their robot) like a spammer. So I emptied my cache and now have to log in manually to everything.

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