Rethinking the Bremen, Germany CHEMICAL PLANT EXPLOSION of Sept. 9, 2014

31 10 2015

Since following the recent suspicious Tianjin chemical plant explosion we pay attention to huge chemical plant explosions that happen right after a country balks at towing the U.S. line.

Sept. 9, 2014 – RT – Massive explosion rocks German chemical plant (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

City of Ritterhude, near Bremen, prepares to evacuate after massive explosion at nearby chemical plant


Jim Willie: One of the tools the US government uses is blowing up chemical plants.

LINK [59 min. mark] –

This is eerily similar to giant blasts in China just after China veered from the Wall Street rule book on currency.






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31 10 2015

speaking of not towing the US line and having an explosion ….

Russian airliner with 224 aboard crashes in Egypt’s Sinai

“The plane split into two, a small part on the tail end that burned and a larger part that crashed into a rock. We have extracted at least 100 bodies and the rest are still inside.”

2 11 2015
Trowbridge h. Ford

Looks to me like a repeat of the Germanwings crash, only this time the captured transponder had the plane do a 180 degree turn at 600 mph, causing the plane’s tail to break off, and the rest of the plane descended to the ground where it burned up.

Instead of the plane being hijacked by French forces in NATO, it was Israelis as members of its Mediterranean Dialogue.

2 11 2015

Same tricks over and over ….
I posted a headline on the MH-370 thread as it looks so suspect.

2 11 2015

A “few dozen” Special Forces being sent into Syria, downed Russian airliner… Another Vietnam about to occur only on a much scarier scale. Horrible!!!

2 11 2015

oh yeah, I think WW3 has begun! See new page (top left tab) ‘Pivot to WW3’ …
They want Russia to quit bombing our terrurists.

3 11 2015

In this 2014 TB Factsheet they says:
“Single-beam, dual-frequency sounder and weighted cable are used to allow for real-time comparisons
> On average over 100,000+ raw data points of depths are recorded each month”
TB has a facebook page but I can’t view it.

3 11 2015
Leuren Moret

Another source in New Zealand in a comment section reported that apparently an EMF signal was detected coming from the Mediterranean at the same time the plane crashed. A different report said that an EMF signal was detected coming from Diego Garcia base in the Indian ocean. Now that is likely to be a control and command station because it was used by the US military to control the Iraq wars, the Iranian hostage crisis, and the Vietnam war.
And you are right, they very desperately want RU and allies to stop bombing their mercenaries. Kerry has even been whining for a ceasefire so the US can figure out what to do.

6 11 2015
Trowbridge h. Ford

Seems like another desperate misuse of what Oswald LeWinter in his manuscript, In Managing America, called DARPA’s The Anti-Air Piracy Remote Control System (ANAPIRCS), especially after Annie Jacobsen made no mention of it apparently in her new book, The Pentagon’s Brain.

LeWinter gave me a xerox-copy of the manuscript when he was trying to lead me astray in the 9/11 fiascoes, making out that ANAPIRCS did it, but I wasn’t at all convinced.

Seems it is quite accurate about its misuse in these two crashes, though, and I shall report it in due course.

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