How Can Nuclear Scientist Academics Media Apologist Sleep At Night?

5 11 2015


Oct. 18, 2014

What is the use of nuclear technology if all it does is destroy everything it touches . Why have it on the planet when we can not build anything to contain it , the Nobel gasses will detonate it if not released  . Everything on nuclear waste sites is vented into your community , all the time . Or worst criminally dumped into the ground like Hanford 450 billion gallons in the 50s and 60s . Right now they have right now 41 miles of open pits full of nuclear waste they couldn’t deal with leaching constantly into the water tables and environment is unimaginable when they decry terrorist releasing the same amounts into community’s .  Nuclear money and destruction of everything is allowed hell its encouraged while descending narratives decrying the discrepancy are not considered are afforded a debate . Its a spineless mockery of the meaning of life .

Reactors have creepily named the place where they keep their used hot cores as spent fuel pools , yet the fuel pools are full of nuclear cores that are by no means spent . Each pool boils off at least 120,000 liters of highly radioactive material a day into your community’s from the cracks created by the semi chain reaction on fuel rods, a full chain reaction is a melt down like Fukushima . The only perpetual machine on the planet is nuclear waste , it perpetually kills all  8.8 million species on this planet for millenniums .

It doesn,t stop there no no no , reactors boil a million gallons a minute every minute to keep cool think about this . A glass of salt water has 75 to 100 million phytoplankton the very basic of the food and oxygen chain . Plus all the other creatures in that glass , divide a glass into a million gallons a minute a day 1440 minutes in a day and how much life larvae small fry’s and critters does a single reactor boil to death a minute a day a week a year ,decade after decade relentlessly remorselessness emotionless,  how can that be good   . Go down by your reactors shorelines and flip over a few rocks and watch the system demonize you accusing you of disturbing the environment aka ex habitat .

Why would the nuclear community tell this entire planet for 70 years it is like bananas potato chips walking in sunshine dental and chest x rays flying in airplanes etc etc when it is nothing like them what so ever it never was it never will be it could never be . If it was why do they need billions a year for nuclear waste . Why are there laws and constant media bashing about dirty bombs  . They never equate nuclear accidents releasing massive amounts of radiation  in your environment with dirty bombs they say bananas potato chips air planes walking in sunshine getting a bath till your numb .

What do they have to hide about nuclear waste that they pull the wool over everyone’s eyes for 7 decades with bananas potato chips air plane nonsense and it is pure nonsense ,constant outrageous lies and brainwashing nonsense . From the institutions academics university’s and media , news papers and educational TV programs .
How come media never ever called them on it a single time when that would have been the sincere thing to do . Why did media enforced these deceptions with grafts and props and dialogs that are blatantly disingenuous . Why do university’s repeat the same banana potato walking in sunshine flying in airplanes constantly when it comes to terrorism its bad dangerous scary and da T Terr Terrorist could destroy city centers with makeshift dirty bombs . The reactors themselves are by definition terrorist wet dream dirty bombing community’s full of people and nothing can contain it once they switch them on all the T Terr Terrorist had to do was leave them alone is sad and true .
There is no future anyway , nuclear critters have to lie about every aspect of nuclear already to get a pay check , thanks to Fukushima they can kiss their pensions goodbye. They need some good old fear mongering the terrorist will get a dirty bomb and some how scratch a few more paychecks but  nuclear is done , its pure evil it has no good side ,it wrecks everything good there is no where on the planet to put what we created as it is . If we don,t stop Fukushima reactors soon this planet will wake up in a bad way and nothing can contain the blow-back not even Ebola will sooth the savage beast of desperation .








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