No Free Speech in Canada: Professor with Nuclear-Uranium Mining-Govt Ties Has Disabled Man Arrested and Put in Jail

10 11 2015

From Mining Awareness

“It’s a wonder that Professor Jay Cullen (U. Vic. BC) and Ken Buesseler (WHOI) can show up to work at all, if they are truly frightened of a physically disabled man who moves about with crutches or a wheelchair. Universities have become dangerous places. People who are so thin-skinned, that they apparently feel that they must have someone arrested for calling them names on youtube, should not be working with the public, and certainly not with students. It must be truly frightening for these two apparently nervous men to show up in front of able-bodied students, if they are truly afraid of a physically disabled man with crutches and a wheelchair. They must really quiver in their little boots to be on board boats with young able-bodied students, if they are frightened of the youtube videos made by a man in a wheelchair. . . . . (more)

“Are they really such timid men, or is their fear related to the unveiling of their ties to the nuclear industry by Dana Durnford and, more recently, unveiled by Dr. Richard Wilcox?”

An Open Letter To The Vancouver Aquarium: Jay Cullen’s Blatant Lack Of Transparency

From: Richard Wilcox
September 23, 2015
In his introduction Jay Cullen did not reveal that the nuclear industry is one of the funding sources for his research. It is outrageous that the Board Chair for Meopar, the organization that oversees Cullen’s research on this issue, is also the president and CEO of Canadian Nuclear Laboratories




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19 08 2017


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