Nuke PR Firms Target FUKUSHIMA TRUTHER Dana Durnford In Court

10 11 2015


Strontium Milks: “The lies of the nuclear industry continue to go unchecked leading the world to a nuclear holocaust of sickness. Dana Durnford is now being silenced for standing up to the lies of the nuclear industry.


Feb. 10 – Captured Opposition Defends Nuclear Poisoning

“There is now a significant amount of radiation released from the Fukushima nuclear disaster to warrant serious environmental and human health concerns (2; 3). In particular, the people in Fukushima are being exposed to high levels of background radiation and in danger from bioaccumulation of radiation.

Damaging effects from radiation in the Pacific Ocean may be related to marine die-offs. As has been documented for over a year at the website, there is a distinct pattern of marine-die offs occurring off the west coast of North America among a wide variety of species. A worthwhile hypothesis for any PhD marine chemist worth her or is salt is that the Fukushima nuclear accident has been, at the very least, one factor in this apocalyptic trend.

Whatever the uncertainty (or intentional obfuscation on the part of the powers-that-be) of scientific facts of the case (and science by its very nature is an open and unending quest for truth), the dismissive behavior of the political establishment is not hard to see. . . “



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10 11 2015


10 11 2015


10 11 2015

Investment Watch
Nov. 5th
Fukushima Breaking News: Dana Arrested for Telling the Truth

[ look at all the valuable videos that were taken down!]


17 11 2015

Sorry. Do you have some evidence that Jay Cullen is controlled by a nuclear PR firm?


17 11 2015

yeah! I should have added link in there …
This wouldn’t come as a surprise except that he keeps re-stating he has no nuke industry ties.

This article is going viral too…


17 11 2015

Ah, and [url=]antisemitic nutjobs[/url] are a perfectly reasonable group of people.

Using Rense as a source for your claims is as reasonable as using say… Ted Bundy as a source for your claims.


18 11 2015
flyingcuttlefish showcases a few dozen writers who have widely different topics. There is no need to be enthusiastic about all of them to appreciate his website.
Some material I disagree with but there’s plenty in there that is rare and unique to his site like this –
In ‘Eisenhower’s Death Camps’: A U.S. Prison Guard Remembers
…and lots of information to help people suffering with Morgellon’s ‘disease’ (chemical spraying campaign). That is the best quality of his site. Plus he has a long-format radio show on a wide range of topics, many controversial.

Being against the zionists is not at all the same as antisemitism. Being against the state policies of Israel is not at all the same as antisemitism.
You may be a single-bullet proponent when it comes to JFK assassination if you think Ted Bundy is the same as Rense. By the way, It is Rense who has discussed Laurel Canyon and serial killers/MK-Ultra program. More on Bundy. You feel strongly about the matter to bring in a name like Bundy.

So, are you a fan of nuke power, a worker in the industry? Or just a paid P.R. wonk doin’ what P.R. wonks do? It has to be one or the other.

Most of the content on the FC blog from Rense features Dana Durnford and former Japan Times editor, Yoichi Shimatsu. Howere, none of that content is in this post. Do you take issue with anything either of them has said, or Rense said, for that matter, on this blog? I don’t run Rense’s website so I can’t speak for him.

And another thing about making charges of antisemitism when defending ultra-right-wing zionists — it isn’t working anymore. Some ultra-right-wing zionists are pure sh*tbags like Alan Dershowitz. He cannot hide behind is faith to get away with pedophilia.


15 08 2016
Uranium U. will be held responsible for Dana Durnford’s safety | flying cuttlefish picayune

[…] know he will be exonerated of the no-basis phony charges of speaking his mind about faux scientists and uranium industry shills who pretend to be science […]


14 08 2018

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