ENE-News: Man arrested over Fukushima-related YouTube videos

11 11 2015

Durnford is not alone in voicing concern about the impact of the Fukushima disaster on North America. Here are a few examples from officials, professors, and other experts:

  • Former US Gov’t Official: “The elephant in the room is Fukushima radiation” when it comes to Pacific Ocean animal die-offs –Source
  • Experts: Fukushima radioactive contamination a “major concern for public health of coastal communities” on west coast –Source
  • US Gov’t: Alaska island “appears to show impacts from Fukushima”; Scientists anticipate more marine life to be impacted as ocean plume arrives –Source
  • AP: Unprecedented deaths along U.S. Pacific coast; Samples “being tested for radionuclides from Fukushima”-Source
  • Professor: “Fukushima emerged as a global threat to the conservation of the Pacific Ocean, human health, and marine biodiversity” –Source
  • Gov’t conducts more tests on sick animals to look for Fukushima radionuclides –Source
  • Scientists predict west coast killer whales will exceed 1,000 Bq/kg of radioactive cesium; Over 10 times gov’t limit in Japan –Source
  • Professors: Seafood off west coast predicted to exceed gov’t radioactivity limit –Source
  • Scientist expects Fukushima radiation will cause marine bacteria in US to mutate –Source
  • Boat Captain: Fishermen “talking about Fukushima… convinced it has something to do with” poor condition of marine life –Source
  • Professor: Fukushima a suspected factor in ‘unusual mortality’ of seals, walruses –Source
  • Scientists present links between Alaska seal deaths and Fukushima fallout –Source
  • “Many researchers initially believed radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster could be at the heart of the [sea star wasting] disease” –Source
  • Mystery disease kills seals in Atlantic Ocean; Gov’t tests for Fukushima radiation –Source
  • “Fish along the Orange County coast may have been affected by [Fukushima] radioactivity… researchers say” –Source
  • US gov’t experts looking into whether Fukushima is cause of sea lion strandings in California; NOAA: “Radiation epidemic could be potential cause” –Source

(more)       –  –  http://enenews.com/man-arrested-fukushima-related-youtube-videos-charged-criminal-harassment-university-scientists-professor-dont-jeopardize-prosecution-video

University of Victoria: What are you gonna do? Arrest EVERYBODY that has honest research that conflicts with your P.R. prattle? Shut down all the YouTube channels showing the destruction of the Pacific in living color? Go after ENE-News because you don’t like their comments?
What are you gonna do?
What are you gonna do?






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11 11 2015

Total War Against All Alternative Media Now Underway – Imagine The Day When All Truth Has Been Blown Away, Along With The Voices You Listened To, Then What Will You Do?

12 11 2015

12 11 2015

I find this whole thing fishier and fishier. Cullen’s an expert on plankton. Did anyone see any research done by him on radionuclides in plankton? Is he too blinkered to realize that many radionuclides are metals – probably most. And, that heavy metal poisoning is an issue too. Or is he playing dumb? Wasn’t his diss on Cadmium, another heavy metal? Is the $630,000 minus $75,000 for his Areva machine to check Cs being used to test plankton? But, it’s not being admitted too? He was born in Peterborough home to GE-Hitachi Candu fuel plant. Does he have friends or relatives working there? Maybe he should just stop complaining about our research because every rock turned over shows uranium mining and nuclear ties. Maybe spurious because it IS resource dependent Canada, but maybe not. Where is serious water testing?Half a dozen samples given on his blog are NOT statistically significant.
“Marine Chemistry
20 December 2015, Vol.177:124–133, doi:10.1016/j.marchem.2015.03.014
Biogeochemistry of trace elements and their isotopes
Decoupling of zinc and silicic acid in the subarctic northeast Pacific interior
David J. JanssenJay T. Cullen”

Is Jay Cullen as smart as Dana gives him credit for? Or, is he a typical blinkered academic – narrow minded like a mule with blinders. Maybe a bit of both? Regardless, he’s a symptom of a deeper disease, like a carbuncle, and not worth everyone’s time. Really! But, everyone loves a good mystery and this is it.

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