Is Dana’s Arrest to Keep Everyone From Noticing This Nov. 19 NRC DEADLINE??

12 11 2015


magicshow – Petitioning United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) (NRC Docket 2015-0057)
Protect children from radiation exposure!

… Now people who deny the danger of radiation are wanting NRC to allow the public to be exposed to 50 to 100 times this amount in the form of artificial radioactivity, as from nuclear power industry releases. They want to allow this exposure even for “pregnant women, embryos and fetuses, and children under 18 years of age.”

NRC Docket 2015-0057   < < <   COMMENT

” Comments should be filed no later than November 19, 2015.”





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12 11 2015

Mining Awareness – Radioisotopes Program was Cover for Avoiding Liability Claims from Vets; Human Radiation Experiments; Expanding the Agenda to All Americans with 100 mSv per year Proposal of Cancer for All – Comment Deadline 19 November 11.59 PM ET

12 11 2015

Not just consumption but also external rad. Overall exposure including where they make theoretical assumptions of where you get your food from. According to the new Richardson, et. al. study of UK, US, and French nuclear workers this 100 mSv works out into one extra cancer per person exposed in 10 years time. According to BEIR VII, 2005, estimates it would lead to about 80 extra cancers per 100 over the course of a lifetime. Either way, it’s not good. And, the society will implode.

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