Dana Durnford’s Crime: Telling the TRUTH about Nukes

12 11 2015

Canada’s University of Victoria is playing a game of TRUTH OR DARE with the public … except there’s no truth, just lies, and no dare, just cowardice.

Conversely, since Fukushima blew up and melted down on 3-11, disabled diver and blogger, Dana Durnford has been educating the public about the event, the dangers we face from it and the non-remediation of the contaminants flung out into the sky, sea and land since (not to mention exported as food, passed off in smoke from incinerators or bagged up in common garbage bags and left around to leak out).

This item from last June shows how simply and efficiently he can sum up what is happening:

The existence of 8 million species depends on a handful of corporations with human rights ( think stock market corps ) with no checks and balances because no one can be held accountable .

The corporation themselves at best will get a fine the corporation with human rights pay with taxes from off shore accounts hardly a deterrent . You can not put a corporation in jail and you can not give a corporation a criminal record . You can not even hold journalist accountable for allowing corporations to write and having the journalist attach their names to it like we see concerning nuclear accidents . Nuclear war is already in overdrive , Chernobyl 1/3 rd the size and a 30% melt down of any of Japan’s melted reactors stopped after 10 days on its own and was equated with 400 Hiroshima bombs so if it lasted 20 days it would be 800 Hiroshima Bombs etc etc , Fukushima has 3 melted reactors that are 3 times the size and they are 100% melt down and melt outs and they never stopped the chain reactions and its been more than 10 days .

Dana Durnford   thenuclearproctologist

Mining Awareness blogger has this insight

“I find this whole thing fishier and fishier. Cullen’s an expert on plankton. Did anyone see any research done by him on radionuclides in plankton? Is he too blinkered to realize that many radionuclides are metals – probably most. And, that heavy metal poisoning is an issue too. Or is he playing dumb? Wasn’t his diss on Cadmium, another heavy metal? Is the $630,000 minus $75,000 for his Areva machine to check Cs being used to test plankton? But, it’s not being admitted too? . . . .
. . . Maybe he should just stop complaining about our research because every rock turned over shows uranium mining and nuclear ties. Maybe spurious because it IS resource dependent Canada, but maybe not. Where is serious water testing?
Half a dozen samples given on his blog are NOT statistically significant.

“Marine Chemistry 20 December 2015, Vol.177:124–133, doi:10.1016/j.marchem.2015.03.014
Biogeochemistry of trace elements and their isotopes Decoupling of zinc and silicic acid in the subarctic northeast Pacific interior
David J. Janssen, Jay T. Cullen”

Is Jay Cullen as smart as Dana gives him credit for? Or, is he a typical blinkered academic – narrow minded like a mule with blinders. Maybe a bit of both? Regardless, he’s a symptom of a deeper disease, like a carbuncle, and not worth everyone’s time. Really! But, everyone loves a good mystery and this is it.”


recapping Jay Cullen's nuke industry ties




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12 11 2015


13 11 2015

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