2-in-1! Dana Addresses France False Flag

14 11 2015

Paris Terror Attacks Probably Staged Event AKA False Flag

LINK – http://youtu.be/ts_08TISrjo

Related – Muammar Gaddafi Speech to UN (entire)

Profile of a False Flag
by Stephen Lendman

Stephen Lendman shows that the Paris attacks have the signature of a false flag attack. Another reason for the attack could be to force US and NATO involvement upon the Russian action against ISIL in order to crowd out Russia and overthrow Assad under the pretext of punishing ISIL for the Paris attacks.


See also comments – F.C.



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14 11 2015

In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews U.S Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a Hillary Clinton campaigner
Hillary Clinton Senator Confronted On Supporting ISIS

14 11 2015

A green Road Blog – False Flag Attack List; Used Historically Countless Times; Warmongers And CIA Uses Them To Start Wars

14 11 2015

This Nov. 7 article shows what happened to Dana –
Dana Durnford Arrested and Charged with Two Counts of Criminal Harassment. Videos forceably removed from his BeautifulGirl Channel on Fukushima coverage.

14 11 2015

U.N. Endorses Terrorism

“It is unjust and terrorism that [United Nations Security Council] veto and permanent seat are for the powerful, we can neither take this nor can we live under it.
Powerful nations have saturated interests in the world, and they use veto, they use the force of the UN to protect their interests…this is terrorizing the third world, the third world is now terrorized, they are living under terrorism.” – – Muammar Gaddafi Speech to UN 2010

15 11 2015

Rense.com – Fukushima’s Political Fallout Puts Anti-nuke Researcher On Trial
By Yoichi Shimatsu 11-14-15
“Durnford is not aware of the fact, and probably neither are the students at University of Victoria, that one of his accusers, Professor Jay Cullen, served as a postdoctoral researcher at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts, which throughout its history has been an “ocean environment” research front funded by the U.S. Navy’s Office of Naval Research.”

“Here, I present arguments for Durnford’s defense, much of which cannot be entered into the court record in a national judicial system constrained by a blanket nuclear-security regime and Official Secrets Act that grossly subvert the Rule of Law: – – –
…. Fourth, the principle of international law set by the highest Tribunal in postwar history ruled that scientists who participate in genocidal programs must be meted out capital punishment. To repeat emphatically, for the education of plaintiffs Cullen and Buesseler, researchers implicated in mass murder deserve to be executed, according to the unanimous decision at the Nuremberg Doctors Trial.”

15 11 2015
17 11 2015

[I did not fact-check this story, but it would be easy to do – F.C. ]

What?! Paris Attack Reported on Wikipedia and Twitter Before it Happened

17 11 2015

18 11 2015

by the by — As tv news reports mass fear campaign across the US after France bombings, Dept. of Homeland (sic) Security has NO alerts issued for any security threat at present.

19 11 2015

President al-Assad interview with Italian Televisiont ‘Rai 1’: “ISIS has no incubator in Syria…Al Qaeda was created by the Americans…Terrorists are main obstacle of any real political advancement” ~ [FULL SPEECH]


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