How French Counterterrorists Improved On Breivik’s Cockup To Make Muslims Look Like Growing Threats

14 11 2015

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By Trowbridge H. Ford
Instead of looking backwards in light of Anders Breivik’s massacre, we should look forward to the shootings around Toulouse in France which killed three French soldiers of North African origin, and four Jews, three of them immigrants from Israel.The shootings certainly seem a right-wing improvement on what Breivik did since they set up an appropriate fallguy for the killing, what deranged Breivik had attempted all by himself after the failure of the recruited Muslim suicide bomber to do the job properly in Stockholm on December 11,2010.
The killers in southern France, especially the assassin who was described by witnesses of the Montauban shootings as being blond, fattish, had a tatoo on his body, and scar on his left cheek, decided to set up Mohamed Merah as the killer. Merah had all the right credentials for being he as he had tried to enlist ‘jihadists’ for…

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15 11 2015

15 11 2015


Russia Warns Friday The 13th Paris Massacre Is Masonic Power Play For World War III

“The significance of these Freemason-Jesuit plotters exacting yesterday’s Friday the 13th massacre on Paris, this report explains, is due to their secretive organizations banishment, arresting and outlawing of all of their members on Friday the 13 October 1307 against their declaration of innocence, and the subsequent burning at the stake of their Grand Master, Jacques de Molay, outside of the Notre Dame Cathedral seven years later on Friday 13 March 1314.”


CIA and George Washington University Co-Host Conference on National Security
CIA Director John Brennan will keynote second annual “Ethos and Profession of Intelligence” public conference Oct. 27.

GW Univ – Ethos and Profession of Intelligence

PRAVDA Op-Ed: France attacks: The boomerang effect

19 11 2015

Live Leak:
“The Shared 21st Century International Mission” featuring John Brennan, John Sawers, Bernard Bajolet and Yaacov Amidror

16 11 2015
Trowbridge h. Ford


Must see the whole process for marshaling a new crusade from relying just upon Islamophobes like Breivik, and set up Muslims like Merah as threats to mobilizing reluctant governments in Europe in the mission , especially Germany, Spain and Russia, by killing their innocent citizens which the Israel-led Metiiterranean Dialogue of NATO calls for if the EU is harnessed in the process.

Think that it was triggered now by Ash Carter’s military aide Lt. General Ron Lewis talking too candidly to Veterans Today’s Senior Editor Gordon Duff about what Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu was claiming while in Washington, about what was really going on in NATO’s air exercise Blue Flag from its base at Ramon in the desert across from the Sinai.

Needed some quick response, as just firing Lewis would still not stop people from speculating about what happened to the Metrojet airliner, particularly its transponder, so the assault on Paris by a handful of domestic terrorists, some supplied with fake Syrian passports which has become SOP for ‘false flag’ operations, resulted.

The resulting paranoia will change our world dramatically, especially eliminating the last vestiges of any self-rule.

16 11 2015

You in Yellowstone Park where they put those burning logs to go over that huge waterfall in the evening – so well described in From Here to Eternity?
I feel that is a metaphor for sanity and civilization right now … on fire and falling over a waterfall.

21 11 2015

The Next False Flag Event Will Take Place In Multiple Cities: Stephen Lendman

1 12 2015

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